Sunday, 8 November 2009

Yes Minister.

I didn't Know how to say this but I think for the time being I shall stay Anonymous, but I do think that the people that be will Know who I am, where I live & what I do for a Living.

I thank everyone that has left a comment on my Blog. Yes it was my decision & because I listened to the States sitings this week I've decided to stay in cahoots with the only ones that I can Trust & there are my cats, God there take some stick.

Senator Syvret has got some Balls, depending on what media outlet you turn into, his either the Antichrist or just a pain in the the arse. But he was voted in on a Island wide Mandate & he is representing his people who are victims of the Jersey way. So he is still earning his money.

He wont talk to the Jersey B.B.C. but he will talk to Channel T.V. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice move really because he made that nice Girl from Channel to look like a puppet with her Lovely Smile that got to look ridiculous after a minute.

It was one Question that she got to last 15 minutes. Stuart had to ask her to stop talking so he could answer the Question. Not very well done at all. Mr Hemming was embarrassed by the way she was going about her job.

If that's the best we've got with Jess Dunsdon at the coal face, doing a world exclusive I've Sean it all. The B.B.C. think they are the best in the world for unbiest news reporting, well no wonder Stuart wont talk to them.Old Roger Bara should stick to interveiwing the Jersey Cricket Team, God he griles them, but he does get the answers & we can turn off happy in what we've heard, Knowing that his hasn't missed a trick. But when it comes to a Minister he takes every thing in that that Minister says, he will say he puts the over side across, Yes Right.

Chris Stone's Phone in is just the same, they ask you what you want to say & then tell you "You can't say that today" or" we are not talking about that today". But at the start of the Program you get told "It's your program say what you want" or "What's the topic today fock's". They may as well say "we don't talk about this & we don't mension about that"." But it's all done to protect you from Lieable". What a Sh*t program it is turning in to. !!

The B.B.C. blame Senator Syvret for everything just like the Government do. But not one person who would of been hands on is to blame. It Just Does Not Add UP.

But there you have it the people who believe in Stuart & the ones that don't.

I always thought Deputy Jackie Hilton was part of the Estabishment but is she seeing the light. She's gone against them twice I think, SHE NEEDS HER BOTTOM SPANKED.

SH*T 1.42 am. need to go to bed. Just when I was getting in to it.

I will Post again.