Saturday, 9 November 2013

BBC Radio Jersey Interviews MP John Hemming.

Jen Smith.

Another Example of BBC Radio Jersey at it's useless Best!

Interviewing Birmingham MP John Hemming.

Please someone tell me why do the BBC do the Governments work and not the peoples work, 
That it should be telling us the Full Story ?

Why do we have to put up with this Third Rate Journalism, Boss's like John Gripton that support Bullying on the Web and Deputy Boss's like Matthew Price that if he would give the other person a chance to speak, wouldn't be to bad. But now he dame well Lie's Live on Air? 
To get out the Governments Line.

I didn't here this at the time it went out, But got told to get it up so here it is, 

Until the END of TIME!


Anonymous said...

This is the classic case of a presenter asking questions on a subject she simply doesn't have a clue about.

Anonymous said...

If you look at the online judgement this case was presided over by a UK Judge and so was the Contempt of Court sentence so why would the UK intervene when a UK Judge has made the decisions? John Hemming does not make any sense and I would argue that people do have a right to stop themselves being discussed about online by data protection law if need be especially people who are not in the public eye.

thejerseyway said...

Right, Paid by who?

Tell us, How much has this all cost the Jersey Tax Payer, along side the cost of taking Warren out?

How did these 4 people get together?

Why is it that Jersey can't own up to the Mistakes that it made?

Anonymous said...

I think you need to interview the people involved TJW to get any answers.

Anonymous said...

Why do you believe the BBC ever existed to do"the people's work"? Are you nieve? In Jersey it is nothing other than a government mouthpiece.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, wanted to hear the interview, and now me and the misses have, our nephew works in Jersey.

Are people in Jersey stupid, Stuart Syvret does not like the way the two Bailhache brothers run Jersey and is blog rude to them. The Bailhache brothers don't like Syvret, understandably for his comments.

So the B. brothers use their influence and mess around with laws ( and the electoral commission ) making sure Jersey still suits their purpose.

Jesus Christ wake up, this is bloody feudal and the good guy telling you is in jail, and a clever concerned UK MP tells it how it is in the real world.

Do Jersey people live in the real democratic world ?

Anonymous said...

Did you notice something about that interview... no? It ended abruptly, that is to say part of the interview was missing.

Think about it... comfortably stupid Jen Smith introduced John Hemming, there was a conversation, but there was no wind-down of the interview or any ending (e.g. with a thank you etc.); that is because the rest of the interview was not aired... part was missing!

Now what did John Hemming also say in that interview with Jen Smith that BBC Radio Jersey did not put on air?

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, just brilliant! John Hemming MP says what most needs saying. Jersey simply must stop this nonsense of defending the jailing of a whistleblowing ex-minister because he did not meekly offer himself up to Kangaroo Court for a quicker trip to prison. Stuart waited to be arrested, and now that's the big thing a BBC reporter finds wrong with his actions! Oh, BBCJersey, you are such the enemy of journalism. Do yoy know how the world sees you? Do you know what real journalists see as their primary obligation? No. You really don't do you?


Anonymous said...

How many of us used to enjoy listening to 'Talkback' but now don't bother listening to their prescribed, predictably safe 'Politics Hour.' I suspect the figures would be quite alarming. Not that the BBC strive to provide a service anymore. The BBC is no longer trusted, locally and nationally. It is an institution rife in a culture of abuse, lies and deception and the BBC in Jersey is especially rotten.

thejerseyway said...

Hi anon.

Couldn't agree more with your comments, we used to have The Phone In. But they stopped that because they couldn't controll the agenda.

See over Here the BBC only have to put out sound bites to the older generation, who are the only ones that listen to them, apart from the small number of people who have a interest in what they do and it's the older Generation that actually are the only ones that vote in the Parishes and are the majority that vote in the elections.

So these people are the only ones that matter.

Convince them that the Government are doing the right thing and they can get away with anything.

Which is what is happening.

Change the way the BBC operate and then we may have a chance to change the way this Government runs it's self.


Anonymous said...

The BBC's primary purpose in Jersey is to promote hatesites and smear opposition ppoliticians

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting up the John Hemming clip.

I realise now it was Jen Smith, on the Sara Palmer programme. I do not wish to associate Sara Palmer with such drivel.

I am fully confident she would have done a far more incisive, well rersearched & probing interview, in the finest traditions of the BBC, had she had the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

I wish John Hemming would just concentrate on his own constituants in Birmingham Yardley to be honest. He is not elected in Jersey and until we hear our own senior elected States Members repeating his claims, insignificant.

Anonymous said...

I wish John Hemming MP could convince Parliament the Crown protectorate of Jersey is in dire need of outside intervention. Jersey can't have political prisoners, warped and perverted data protection laws, play on the world financial stage, process trillions in the global economy and still hide like a sneaky child from outside eyes.

Anonymous said...

There are several unelected leaders in power in Jersey who helped lead to this disaster. They aren't doing their jobs with any integrity so UK has a responsibility to see that it's cleaned up.

Anonymous said...

Wake up all of you!

How do you think the United Kingdom Government and the Monarchy raises money to finance its wars?

Through its TAX HAVENS...

This is what it is all really about, raising money for the Moarchy and U.K. Government's WAR MACHINE!

Child abuse, cover-ups, data-protection the whole rotten thing is all about keeping the money flowing into the U.K. to bank-roll H.M. forces.

Labour left the U.K. almost bankrupt, where do you think the U.K. gets its billions to finance it all?

Thats why we still have all this political sh*t, it keeps Jersey as a Tax Haven to feed the U.K.'s war machine!

voiceforchildren said...


Unhappy Anniversary FIVE