Friday, 3 September 2010

The new Season.

Just like to say that now that the Funny Season is coming to a end & a new season is 11 days away. There will loads to lisen to. I will do my best to bring you as much as I can.
This is it now the long run in to the 2011 Eletions, who will be more vocal then normal, who will bring in something like Free percription's !
Already we have old Ted Vibert on the Radio every day saying what people want to hear, did not no him before but seeing him perform at the last Hustings. If that is the new JDA way, I think he should stay at home with his wife.
Will Guy defaye try to make a come back, WHAT A WAST OF SPACE.

I can't be bovered to carry on with my run down, its to depressing.
If I was that way inclined I would stand. But I am of the thinking that you should be a perfessional person with a good clear speaking skill, not someone that gets tied up in knots when asked "what time is it". Like some. I all so think that there should be just one class of member, be it Deputy or Senator with a Island wide mandate. No Constables they can be a member as long as they get elected as a Deputy or Senator as well.
We should not be haveing someone as a Minister or assistant Minister who has not been though an Election process or got in to the States on the back of 200 votes. Also I think we can get rid of at least 4 Member's & finaly they should be Paid no less then £65,000.00 per year with pension, so we can get more professional people in there. At the minute people who we could do with are not going to work for less.

Discuss ?