Wednesday, 3 March 2010

In The Sun. Today

This court my eye today, a reporter has gone out of his way to find out the true expence of suspending coppers. But you will notice its £53m for the hole of the UK & in little old Jersey its around £1m for just one. He may have been our Chief of Police but this just goes to show how far our Government will go to Cover up the Child abuse that went on in our Government’s Care Homes.
I notice as well a spokesman for ACPO saying there are trying to speed up the Process of Suspensions. Well they need to put there foot down over here.
Now that Stuart is going to put the ACPO report’s into the Public domain, we may get some action, before our Chief of Police retires. If not our Government would of got away with Sacking him because he would not have anything to do with the Cival Service getting rid of an Elected member of our States who was at the time The Health Minister because he was starting to ask questions about the way we were looking after our children in secure units & passed abuses in care homes.
At the time of Senator Stuart Syvret’s Questions he did not know that the Police were already investigating Child Abuse at a former Care Home. So Stuart was doing his job & our Chief of Police saw him to be doing the right thing in bringing it up in the States.
But our Chief Minister at the time Senator Walker could not have the Chief of Police on the same side as hes arch enemy Senator Syvret, so he got the both of them Sacked.
Problem sorted untill now, with the power of the internet & Blogging all those lies are coming out into the open & will clean this Lovely Island up.
The TRUTH is coming.

The Sun.
Banned cops paid £53m wages
...for doing nothing
By JOHN KAY, Chief Reporter
Published: Today

COPS suspended on full pay during disciplinary proceedings have trousered £53million in five years for doing nothing, it emerged yesterday.
Figures from the UK's 52 forces show 222 officers were on "gardening leave" at the start of this year.
More than a quarter had been on full pay for more than a year.
One officer had been off more than FIVE years and another three off for more than four.
In total 180 constables (average salary £30,000), were suspended - along with 32 sergeants (£38,000), five inspectors (£48,000), two Chief Inspectors (£52,000) two Superintendents (£66,000) and one Chief Superintendent (£75,000).
A Freedom of Information request by The Sun found the forces with the most officers suspended were the Met with 32, Police Service of Northern Ireland (26), Kent (11), West Midlands (nine) and South Wales and Grampian, both with eight.
Matthew Elliott, of the TaxPayers' Alliance, said: "It is hugely expensive for cases to be allowed to drag on. It's unjust, costly, and not fair on the officers either. Taxpayers and those involved would benefit from a swifter, more efficient system."
A spokesman for the Association of Chief Police Officers said: "We are continuing to work on speeding up the investigation process when it comes to staff suspended on full pay."