Sunday, 2 March 2014

John Nettles, aka Jim Bergerac tell us Nothing went on in Jersey!

Good Old Jim
 Nothing to see Here, Move along Please!

And he would know? Who couldn't get out of Lily's Bar!

Another BBC Cover Up Starting?

It was all a Dream, Thanks Jim.

You of the Great and Good?

Your Only a Actor!

You Lovely, get back in the Stalls and talk to you Skull.

TheJerseyWay would like to Credit & Thank BBC Radio Jersey for making these recording's possible.


Póló said...

I don't have the words.

voiceforchildren said...


Why would a BBC "journalist" and a former BBC employee not want to mention the fact that he (Bergerac) was filming up at Haut de la Garenne while there were still children in RESIDENCE?

Anonymous said...

Emma's Father's classic line in That BBC interview was; The HDLG debacle....

He said it all with tha. Nuf said

Anonymous said...

That instead of tha

Anonymous said...

I'm quite astounded at his opinion of the HDLG case.

To paraphrase Polo's comment, words fail me.

Anonymous said...

Good Daddy. Helping his daughter out.
Reciting the party line with a deep authoritarian voice.
Did I not read somewhere that he's writing an 'authoritative' history book on the German Occupation? With no less than the full approval of our Great and Good. THE offical difinative Occupation literature no doubt. How marvellous. Making sure the facts are to ones liking. How Jersey. Pomp, approval, full colour supplement to follow when its launched.,.. so Jersey.

Sting the bitch @ Bureau des Data Abuses said...


Please could a talented typist transcribe and post as a comment John Nettles' Q/A starting 3:00s to 3:50s for posterity.

I heard many years ago that Mr. Nettles was an arrogant and insensitive narcissist, but this takes the biscuit.

Is he that stupid?
Has he personally got something to hide?
Or is this Ultra-Savilesque BBC Jersey downplay of decades of semi-organised child abuse just done to protect his overpaid daughter who has cut herself adrift on the sinking raft of data protection abuse?

Predictably BBC Jersey's Mat Price/Julie Flanagen failed to challenge Nettles on his ridiculous comments at 3minutes in.

One is rather surprised at John Nettles' self-suggested lack of knowledge about HDLG and Jersey child abuse issues because his Data Protection Commissioner daughter claims to have discussed these things at some length and even asked his advice on her prosecution of Ex-Health Minister and whistle blower Syvret.

Is someone lying or is this also the full extent of the knowledge of the CI Data Protection Commissioner -on which she has flushed many hundreds of thousands of pounds protecting the island's low lifes and ensuring that the island's international name remains in the gutter for another decade or more.

At 1m50s we have: "I think there is I understand some kind of public inquiry going to take place in the summer ...and....." LOL

Spoken like a dumb blond! But who is pulling whores strings?

DenverGal said...

What a horrid ignorant man. Well dissected by commenter at 12:55, above. I cringe for the survivors of abuse at Haut de la Garenne and for the honest police investigators under Graham Power and Lenny Harper.

voiceforchildren said...


Scrutiny Panel Chairman Steve Pallett MUST RESIGN.

Anonymous said...

I am a mother of 3 lovely children and I am concerned about the number of children currently being abused and we might not be paying the attention we should. I can recall 2 years ago some children playing, when i noticed one of the young girls (age 12) with her legs full of cuts (they were clearly self inflicted / self-harm injuries).... I went near them and start talking and then I spoke with the girl, after a long chat she said “.... you guys just talk and talk about the old house, why doesn’t anyone look at me....!!!!!” Just so you know she was referred as she was being abused and the only way she could deal with it was self-harming, she is doing ‘fine’ now.
With all horrific things that happened in HLG plus now all this attention with BBC filming in HLG, I pray that people like Rico, Neil, Stuart and others, who spend so much time writing about the historical events, they are also spending at least 50% of the same time with the current victims has they spend on historical victims.
Please have no doubts I feel for them, I was one myself in my own home at the same time as the HLG. But please look outside your windows, look beyond your fingers at the key board and help dozens of young kids who are AT THIS MOMENT being abused while you are typing the keyboard. Otherwise we just start thinking that all you want is to put down politicians whoever they are (couldn’t care less really) but although you care about victims, you are becoming so obsessed with the politicians and probably having your own agendas now, that you forget the suffering of the DOZENS of children being abused at this moment right outside your own homes.

Póló said...

Following Nettle's disgraceful interview, I have added a health warning to my review of his book on the occupation on Amazon.