Sunday, 8 November 2009

Yes Minister.

I didn't Know how to say this but I think for the time being I shall stay Anonymous, but I do think that the people that be will Know who I am, where I live & what I do for a Living.

I thank everyone that has left a comment on my Blog. Yes it was my decision & because I listened to the States sitings this week I've decided to stay in cahoots with the only ones that I can Trust & there are my cats, God there take some stick.

Senator Syvret has got some Balls, depending on what media outlet you turn into, his either the Antichrist or just a pain in the the arse. But he was voted in on a Island wide Mandate & he is representing his people who are victims of the Jersey way. So he is still earning his money.

He wont talk to the Jersey B.B.C. but he will talk to Channel T.V. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice move really because he made that nice Girl from Channel to look like a puppet with her Lovely Smile that got to look ridiculous after a minute.

It was one Question that she got to last 15 minutes. Stuart had to ask her to stop talking so he could answer the Question. Not very well done at all. Mr Hemming was embarrassed by the way she was going about her job.

If that's the best we've got with Jess Dunsdon at the coal face, doing a world exclusive I've Sean it all. The B.B.C. think they are the best in the world for unbiest news reporting, well no wonder Stuart wont talk to them.Old Roger Bara should stick to interveiwing the Jersey Cricket Team, God he griles them, but he does get the answers & we can turn off happy in what we've heard, Knowing that his hasn't missed a trick. But when it comes to a Minister he takes every thing in that that Minister says, he will say he puts the over side across, Yes Right.

Chris Stone's Phone in is just the same, they ask you what you want to say & then tell you "You can't say that today" or" we are not talking about that today". But at the start of the Program you get told "It's your program say what you want" or "What's the topic today fock's". They may as well say "we don't talk about this & we don't mension about that"." But it's all done to protect you from Lieable". What a Sh*t program it is turning in to. !!

The B.B.C. blame Senator Syvret for everything just like the Government do. But not one person who would of been hands on is to blame. It Just Does Not Add UP.

But there you have it the people who believe in Stuart & the ones that don't.

I always thought Deputy Jackie Hilton was part of the Estabishment but is she seeing the light. She's gone against them twice I think, SHE NEEDS HER BOTTOM SPANKED.

SH*T 1.42 am. need to go to bed. Just when I was getting in to it.

I will Post again.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Coming out.

I've been asked a lot why have I not Blogged for months.

Well this year has been hard & there are times when you just need to take a back seat & reflect on wear you are going in life.

It is not that I've given up, far from it I've got loads to say about this Island which I Love.

I've had the most stressful summer of my life. With our Hospital nearly killing my mum, not once but twice. But with the good staff of the Intensive care & the strong heart of a woman who lived though the war she is back at home now doing very well.

I have also had my own problems with being lost in the hospital system so having to wait months for an appointment & just today I've been for a scan to do with a problem that has just come to light & I went private so I didn't have to wait 4 weeks not knowing what was going on.

So what do I mean with my Title " Coming Out".!! No I'm not Gay but since I've not been Blogging I have been thinking that I shouldn't be Anonymous & would probably be More Frank.

I think Blogger's have been getting a bad deal this year & I don't think its right. So I think we should be in the open about who we are & we need more people Blogging about this place.

The Voice does a brilliant job he must put in hours into his work.

As for Senator Syvret well were do you start. That man has put his head on the block so many times now he must be some kind cat with 9+ lives. If he had lived in a different time i.e. pre Internet he would be in London Yes But The Tower of London. With a few stretching pains & we would of never of heard of him again. But the Internet has come to his rescue & there's so many people out here who know what is going on our Government can't just get him removed.

As for the people saying he should be hear, well he has a Island wide Mandate & his People are not getting justice so he has thought for them. In the end getting himself so involved with his work repersenting the Islands Victims he's crossed a line or two. So in my veiw he is a man of his word & as onest as the day is long.

So do I come out or stay in the willdeness.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Would the real Chief Minister Stand up.

I bet Senator Ozouf can't wait for the next election, so he can take his right full place as Chief Minister.

But I would like to put a bet on with on-nest Nev that he doesn't get in in the next Election, he lost quite a lot of votes in the last election & with all the dirty low handed tricks he's playing at the moment he'll lose a hell of a lot more by the time the election comes.

Hear we go again Tax the working class & cut Services for the old & needy. But he can't get any more money out of the rich. He is going to have a riot on his hands if this goes thought the states.
Can't believe that the States Members got £1,000.00 a year rise at the beginning of the year & did you Know that our Nurses to this day are waiting for last years RISE.

Yes that's right our Nurses have to wait over a year to get a minimum pay rise & then get told this year & for the foreseeable future there pay will be frozen. They are short staffed run off there feet & don't get the PAY that they should be payed.

Years ago Jersey Nurses were paid well & it wasn't vary hard to get nurses from England. But the English Government put there pay up so they didn't leave. So now Jersey is not so good looking as it was 10 -15 years ago. There pay is going backwards & the quality of care over here is slipping & Senator Chief Minister wants it to get worse.

I'll stop there for now because this is going to run & run. Roll on that next Election. !

Thursday, 30 April 2009

Senator Perchard.

After watching the video on The Voiceforchildren Blog site, when Mrs J. Garcia finally got to talk to the Senator, I was surprised to find out he hadn't made any effort to talk with her about her son's Suicide & after he had said publicly that he would. I had to make a comment which I shell reproduce below.

thejerseyway said...
I don't no what it is, but I just can't believe anything this so called Senator says.May be its because he moved his lips.He says he spent 1 day with Mental Health Doctors discussing Suicide, Just one day when people spend a life time try to under stand this illness.People are at rock bottom, the world is against them, can't see a way out & think there family would be better off with out them. I could go on & on.This man sickened me when we were told what he said & it was not the first time he had said such a thing.May be he should speak to the Samaritans about spending some time helping out on a weekend, just to see for himself how many people out there in the real world with problems & despair there really is.Then he may have a better idea about the illness & Then he mite think twice about saying such a horrible thing to another person.But I wont hold my breath on that one & to think he had the audacity to go for the job again. Well I'm not happy about him being in the States at all.The next Election can't come soon enough When I will be reminding people again of just what this candidate has said in the past & I'll put a bet on at honest Nev's bookies that he will mess up again before we get to the Elections.I hope we still have a farming industry left by then. Know wot I mean.
29 April 2009 16:06.

I think I said enough there, but this man must love himself so much he just does not get the message. He goes for the job again.

But hang on one minute hes not the Chief Minister choice, even when the Chief Minister has said that he has the FULL BACKING of his Department. So do we take that the Chief Minister said that statement just to cover his back. I suppose he could not say he didn't.

So Senator Perchard went for the job on his own back, with out the Chief Minister's BACKING. Well he should of taken the hint & gone back to the shadows were he belongs. But we had to listen to him bleat on about how much work he had to finish. All he was doing was a self preservative exorcise. But I can't believe him one little bit anymore & I know there are a lot more people out there that think the same.

He is not fit to be a Senator, all he does is disrupt Propositions in the States, on the say so from our real Chief Minister Senator Phillp Ozouf. So he's the Government's Bully Boy, with the mouth of a sewer RAT & the brain of a gold fish, witch only lasts 3 seconds.

I would love to know who were the 10 that voted for him. They should go with the GST 28.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Silent Peaceful March.

Silent Peaceful March
On April the 25th 2009 at 12 noon there is to be a silent and peaceful march from Peoples Park to the Royal Square. The march will be in support and acknowledgement of victims of child abuse past and present across the world.On October the 21st 1996 up to 300,000 Belgian citizens took to the streets wearing white ribbons and arm bands as a symbol of hope which became known as “The White March”. It was not only a march for hope but also a silent peaceful protest against their governments handling of the of the Marc Dutroux case which bears many similarity’s, not only to the way our government has handled the child abuse scandal that has hit Jersey, but the way child abuse is handled by some governments across the world.We would like the Jersey White March to be non political or critical of our government or police investigation. We believe it will be an opportunity to show abuse survivors and the rest of the world that the good people of Jersey do not condone abuse of any human being - child or otherwise.Abuse survivors, across the globe, have had theirs and their family’s lives torn apart, wrecked, and destroyed, not only by the heinous abuse they have suffered at the hands of their abusers but the wall of silence that inevitably surrounds the taboo subject of paedophilia and child abuse.This March has the support of the Care Leavers Association (CLA) and the Jersey Care Leavers Association (JCLA) Please give this march and all abuse survivors your support and show the world the good people of Jersey DO care.We would ask if you are able to attend the march that you wear something white, a symbol of “hope”If you are a Blogger and support abuse victims around the world, please copy and paste this onto your Blog until the day of the march SATURDAY 25th OF APRIL 2009 12.p.m

Monday, 16 March 2009

Perchard v Syvret. Who do you Believe

As being one of those sad people that do listen to the States on the radio, as i do tend to enjoy it for a good old laugh.

So haven listened to the goings on for many year's, you do tend to switch off sometimes when certain people get on there high horse & go into one.

So when old Syvret got up & spouted out a load of foul language, I couldn't believe my ears, so when I got over the shock I got off the floor & stopped laughing. I thought I should of taped that you will never hear that again. Absolutely price less.

I didn't know what to believe at first, but I did know there's no love lost between them. To start thinking that a Senator would say those kind of things, its just not cricket Jim as we know it.

Then there's that letter he sent in to the JEP, about cyber bullying & he will stand up against it. So why is he telling someone in the States while they are going thought the days business, "to go & Kill Your Self".

Isn't that some form of Bullying in its self. I did think old Senator Syvret must be losing the plot or something. But then why would he come out with something like that, did it happen. I would of loved to of seen Perchard's face when he came out with it, it must of been a picture.

So that was that no more was said on the matter. Then Senator Syvret told us the story on his Blog, with him telling us other times that Senator Perchard has lost the plot "with a drink in him" & telling him "to go & slit his wrists". An out burst at the town hall & one at last years Battle of Flowers against some woman. All with Drink.

Well after reading these stories who do you believe, I think its Senator Syvret to be honest. It sounds to me that Senator Perchard may have a problem with the drink. Well he is an old Farmer after all, to much cider or is it the calverdos.

He has admitted on radio that he did swear to Senator Syvret. So that's O.K. !! "No more questions on the subject please Its under the carpet now & it was only Stuart". Talk Back more like No Talk just waffle Show.

The more people you ask the more stories of him swearing & arguing come out. So it seems to be normal protocol for him. He doesn't seem to be able to handle himself in the manner that's right for a elected States man.

But he's our Health Minister for heaven's sake, What is going on. Did he lose it with the British Government's Minister in a meeting & they wont deal with him anymore, so we loses your health agreement with England !!. WE will nether know will we.

How can we have a Health Minister who may have a drink problem, I remember 31/2 years ago when Senator Walker was picking hes Minister's , Deputy Read tried to go for Health & he was laughed out of that position because he Smocked.

So Senator Perchard must go. I'm glad I didn't vote for him but I'm stuck with him as my Health Minister Who's a lose cannon, When will he go off next.!!! He's to much of a risk. He should of stuck to Farming.

Ow & how does it go down with Doctor of Health Rosemary Geller who Say's there's a drink culture in jersey & we should all stop drinking & her Minister is at it good style making a fool of himself, The Government & The Island. Life Enriching indeed.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Car Parks

We don't have enough car parking in town, but to build one at Ann Court I think would be a mistake.

It was ideal for the over 55s, there must be a better site. The congestion at Bath Street is bad enough now let alone with more cars heading that way.

Yes the town does need a park at Gas Place, but why do we need a 800 space car park at Ann Court.

Why not knock down old St James Church which is a money pit, how long has that scaffold been up now doing nothing ?. That could be one site for a small car park.

There could be one at the Police Station/Fire Station. They want to move. The old Sommerfield Site.

If they Started the process to Pipe our Gas in they could move the gas company out of town, then we would get rid of that danger. we could have one there.

There must be loads of sites around the outskirts of Town that would be better then one Massive 800 space one in a built up area.

Couldn't Green Street car park be added to, what about Snow Hill car park why not add on there.

They could make Ann Court Lovely for the over 55s. That about knocking down those ware houses opposite & adding some character to the area. They are going to build posh Flats at that Church that burnt down, they will love a 800 Space car park next door I don't thing .

The old Ann Street brewery is going so there will be more Flats next to a 800 space car park.

These people we elected into OUR States Building just haven't got a clue they live out of town, Drive in straight in to there parking space, Press a couple of those buttons, mess peoples lives up, then go home. Job Done ?.

They should live next to a car park for a while, then they would move all car parks out of town.

All these decisions just seem to happen without any thought of the people of Jersey who live in the areas that they decide to but things like Car parks, Incinerator, compose sites & steam clocks. Its scandalous how they go about there business.

They need to go back to the drawing board on this one.

I think they should get quite a few of those old drawing boards out again. Don't You.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Enemy of the State

Bill Ogley.

I've Blogged About him & the suspension of the Chief of Police before.

I said is it all getting a bit to complicated & are the cracks appearing.

Well I think they are, when Mr Harper gets asked for his case note books & even his leaving cards, to be used for evidence against him & that they are relevant to the case.

So why is it that notes that were taken at the meeting to which they suspended the chief of police were deemed not relevant & were shredded by the person that rote them Bill & this act is deemed OK.

One rule for one & all that springs to mind. He was the one who took down the back drop at that press conference, when Senator Syvret wanted to have he's say. So he can over rule a Senator.

So why does our elected politicians or the majority of them vote against a internal inquiry into what this person has done, what is there to hide, if there's nothing to hide whats the problem.

Why was it deemed necessary to shred his notes , OK it was all written up afterwards but may be something is missed out, so you could of gone back to your notes. Everyone at school had notebooks to cross check.

It just does not add up. What are they hiding there must be something.

This person Bill Ogley must be the most powerful person in this Island. He's above the law, got the majority of our politicians behind him. Why are our Top Executive Officer's untouchable.

All the newly elected Deputies, Senator's & Constable's said we need change. But it does not sound as if anything is changing does it. As long as the Minister's, there assistant Minister's & all those Brown Nose half Witt's which make up the Establishment party are aloud to get away with wot they want we haven't got a chance.

We still don't know the real reason for Senator Kinnard resigning do we. That would be interesting reading of the notes that would of been taken down at that meeting. O of course they would of been shredded is well. That's States policy isn't it now. Notes not relevant.

For Jersey to be cleaned up of all spin & skannels I think our enemy of the state needs to be suspended & an internal inquiry started into all his actions over the years he's been employed as Chief Executive Officer. while his in charge of Jersey's going's on we can't move on in the right direction.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009


When someone you know & love gets told they have cancer, you hope with all the drugs out there that your family member will over come this horrible thing.

My Mother in law was told just over 2 & a half years ago that she had cancer, the Doctors were saying how lucky she was, for it was so small. It was in her bone marrow & with drugs it will be managed.

Well she was the most active & loving mother in law, Granny you could wish for. Not many husbands would say that but I can, & very easy to because its the truth.

We were so alike it was uncanny, many years difference but I was born a day before her birthday it used to do my wife's head in with all the identical ways we had.

Those drugs that she had to take took they toll on her from very much the start of the treatment. Never been ill in her life & fit as a fiddle, many many more years left in her & I always said she would out live me.

Well she didn't like taking all those drugs but what do you do, then she got the post code lottery drugs & she just when down hill from there. Within 3 months the damage had been done.

It wasn't the Cancer that got her in the end but the Drugs that she had to take, that what was supposed to be controlling the cancer.

My wife is coping well, she has good & bad days as you can imagine it will take its time. Father in law, I think its just hitting him now that the Christmas period is over & back to the old routine of shopping with out his soul mate with him.

There is never a good time for something as horrible as losing a love one, but at Christmas it makes it 10 x as bad.

There's not a lot more I can say. Life is so unjust you don't know whats around the next corner.

Rest in piece E.

You will never be forgotten.