Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Post Elections.

Well didn't the JDA do well. I bet old Southern's jumping up & down, Shouting F--k Off Ozouf again in the street. I just hope the T.V. are not around like last time.

Well Done to Montfort Tadier. He sounded good at the Senators elections, I went to the St Brelade No 2 Hustings & he was best out of that lot. He came across as very bright & informed.

Didn't you do well getting old Deputy Guy de Faye out. Brilliant, So shaving his beard off didn't fool you. What will he do now, go & say sorry to Puffin. !!! May be he could be a Bus driver, He could work at that STINKING GREEN WASTE SITE that he said doesn't smell. !!! He could go and work at the sewage plant.!!! But he'll probably end up as MD of our new Incinerator Plant. !!!! God Help US.

Anne Dupre I hope will be as strong as Baudain was.

Very well done to Jeremy Macon, Tracey Vallois, Trevor Pitman, Mike Higgins, Andrew Green, Deddie de Sousa, Judy Martin, Daniel Winderley, Phil Rondel & Edward Noel.

Now your work begins, It will be very hard for you at the start, to fight against the Jersey Establishment. But you have a good chance in numbers to fight against The Jersey Way & Old Boy Network. Be Strong.

I wonder how little Miss Katy Ringsdore is taken the rejection. OK she got 387 votes but how many of those votes were Ozouf's chum's.

I bet the father of the house Senator Stuart Syvret's not happy with old Deputy Rob Duhamel getting in, Topping the pole no less. (Boring Git).

Now we need Roy Le Herissier to put his Hat in the ring for Chief Minister. WE CAN'T BE HAVING SENATOR TERRY LE SUEUR . With that Voice & looks he should be in Doctor who.

Can you guess who he looks like to me.!!!

We will never be taken seriously again.

Was listening to the radio coverage last night & was thinking. Thank goodness Old Deputy Peter (did you know I'm in Mensa) Troy Had given up. (Useless Git).

That will do for now.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008


Now its time for the Deputies, Some choice we've all got .

I've been to 2 Hustings & Listened to Sunday's Talk Back & I must admit I'm not impressed at all. Why are they there, they just don't Know what they are getting them self's in to, or are they just naive. Friend's have said it doesn't get much better either in the other Parish's.

With so mush going on at lest they should have a opinion on Parish issues & all major island wide issues, its not good enough for them just to say "I've not read the report so I can't comment".

The Howard League report Shows whats wrong with this Government. How can they say things didn't happen when the report says it did.

Or are they just going with the Jersey Establishment Party to get on the right side of them, so to get there votes, but I hope they don't get in.

There are a few good new candidates but not in every Parish. So the Electorate will go with who they recognize & the good old Jersey Establishment are back in Business.

I'm of the thinking that we should have one kind of member in the States, No Constables & 6 districts. So 41 Members & no Bailiff, just have a chosen speaker. All Members to be voted in on one day ( In the Summer, Like June) so hopefully more people would go out & vote.

People don't like going out in the winter. To dark, to Wet & to Windy for most people.

People need to be encouraged to vote, most people think whats the point, the same old lot will get in. This attitude has to change. Even if we fined people who didn't vote, there attitude may not change, But it may be an idea. Australia Do, Italy Do.

We have to change the stuffiness of the Parish System, you get well it must be about 95% of the people that turn up at Hustings are over 80 asking questions about "What are you going to do about Pavements, Parking, Hedge cutting, Bingo Nights, Football". Well may be not about Bingo Nights but you get my drift. When these people are going to be voting in the States about £106 million projects, that are going to be in the Wrong place, To Big & in our Capital. Then there is the Water Front !!.

Can anybody at this present Moment in time, tell me a good reason to have a finance centre.

Was that question asked at any hustings.

Who do they want as a Chief Minister got asked but not many choose to answer. Well they will go with the party line wont they. Lobby fodder.

Green ideas are good for the Island, but they will cost us a fortune, We pay enough Tax's in Duties for green issues. I would like to see Tidal Power but there's more Money.

So who do we choose, I think its a bit of a Lottery with this lot, will they get nobbled when they get in , that's if they get in, unless you take a chance we wont know will we. But it can't get much worse can it.

We need a new Government. NOW.

Monday, 24 November 2008


I've voted since i was 18, But not been very vocal apart from asking questions at hustings.

But for the past few years I've noticed a lot of things happening that have been having an impact on my Life & on others. Polices Fast tracked through the states never mined about the people of jersey.

eg (GST, 20 means 20,) Lots more for later.

I got to here about Blogging 3 months ago & could not believe wot people were saying on them.

I would leave comment's on them, have my say fore & against, I started talking to people about Blogging & Thought lets have a go. so here l am.

I'm no computer nerd & I've not got any O levels, but I've got my own mind and I will speak out on subjects of political matters, I hope you will give me time to get my head around this Blogging.

I've got a open mind about most things & Big & Ugly enough to take criticism (hope not to much).

Go easy on me.! But I would love some Fead back.