Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Would the real Chief Minister Stand up.

I bet Senator Ozouf can't wait for the next election, so he can take his right full place as Chief Minister.

But I would like to put a bet on with on-nest Nev that he doesn't get in in the next Election, he lost quite a lot of votes in the last election & with all the dirty low handed tricks he's playing at the moment he'll lose a hell of a lot more by the time the election comes.

Hear we go again Tax the working class & cut Services for the old & needy. But he can't get any more money out of the rich. He is going to have a riot on his hands if this goes thought the states.
Can't believe that the States Members got £1,000.00 a year rise at the beginning of the year & did you Know that our Nurses to this day are waiting for last years RISE.

Yes that's right our Nurses have to wait over a year to get a minimum pay rise & then get told this year & for the foreseeable future there pay will be frozen. They are short staffed run off there feet & don't get the PAY that they should be payed.

Years ago Jersey Nurses were paid well & it wasn't vary hard to get nurses from England. But the English Government put there pay up so they didn't leave. So now Jersey is not so good looking as it was 10 -15 years ago. There pay is going backwards & the quality of care over here is slipping & Senator Chief Minister wants it to get worse.

I'll stop there for now because this is going to run & run. Roll on that next Election. !