Thursday, 27 September 2012

Now For Something Completely Different.

I only heard this Interview today, but I will have to say Good Interview Mr Price. You let the person you were interviewing say his side without being on the States side & cutting the person down.

So well done. Thank you.

It makes a change for someone who is Questioning the Government not to be kicked off the Radio or even let on in the first place.

I think I shall carry on if this is the start of a new era of the BBC being fare & balanced. Thank you for the comments.

TheJerseyWay would like to Credit & Thank BBC Radio Jersey for making these recording's posible. 

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

It's all about The Committee Of Inquiry.

This may be my last post. Sorry but someone else can carry it on, if it is worth it.

12. Deputy M.R. Higgins of St. Helier will ask the following question of the Chief Minister –

“Is the Chief Minister prepared to extend the time limit for the submission of applications under the Child Abuse Redress Scheme until a week after the debate on P.80/2012, currently scheduled for 9th October 2012, and, if not, why not?”

Deputy Pitman from this morning on the Radio.

Sod the Fucking BBC & the 99.8% of this Island.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Today's Radio Interviews.

Simon Jupp Interviews Senator Bailhache then Leah McGrath Goodman, the US Investigative Journalist & Author.

First Senator Bailhache, about meeting Mr John Hemming MP.

Then we have the US Investigative Journalist &  Author who this Government will not let in!
They just keep changing  the goal posts all the time. 

TheJerseyWay would like to Credit & Thank BBC Radio Jersey for making these recording's posible. 

Mick Gradwell on Radio 5 Live. 14/09/12. Your Call !

The BBC Say no more. Nicky Cambell should know better.

Did you notice Adill at the end, was he laughing at our Mick Gradwell ?

Here is what he then said.

Then Good Cop Mick Gradwell finishes off.

Does he reassure you, should he be on these kind of programs ?

TheJerseyWay would like to Credit & Thank BBC Radio Five Live for making these recording's posible. 

Mr Norton just wants the Truth.

Have I missed something, but what has happened to Mr Price?

  This story I first heard about last year by two different people with there own hang on it. But listening to his story just makes me think "Here's another story that this Government would like to go away" What a Island we live in! I bet they wish they Hanged Him all those years ago!

Carrie Cooper ask's the Questions. First Interview is with Mr Norton's Lawyer.

Now Mr Norton.

Why so many Big Questions over here about evidence going missing?

Now Mr John Hemming MP being interviewed by Simon Jupp, talking about more of the same !!

Cover Ups!

But they the BBC did not play the bit about Super - Injunction ?

Why did they forget to tell us about that ?

TheJerseyWay would like to Credit & Thank BBC Radio Jersey for making these recording's posible. 

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Questions without Answers 11/09/12.

Had a few problems with the recordings, I was tiring something new & it did not work out. Sorry.

2.  Deputy S. Pitman of St. Helier will ask the following question of the Minister for Home                                                            

“Will the Minister explain why he has not yet made public the 62,000 word affidavit submitted to the Wiltshire investigation by the former Chief of Police and advise when it will be published?”

4.  The Connétable of St. Mary will ask the following question of the Chairman of Privileges and Procedures.

“Despite advising me in writing on 3rd August that the Committee considered that “a serious breach of the privileges of the Assembly” had occurred, will the Chairman advise why, one month on, the Committee has not even written to Members about the incident and will he confirm the Committee’s stance on this matter and advise how it is championing and defending the privileges of States Members?”

7.  Deputy T.M. Pitman of St. Helier will ask the following question of the Chief Minister.

“Following on from my oral question (7038) of 17th July 2012 can the Chief Minister advise what progress, if any, has been made to review and update the Royal Court (Jersey) Law 1948 to ensure that in future all those being elected as Jurats are of sound character and judgement and to ensure that any Jurat subsequently found to have demonstrated seriously flawed judgement or behaviour can be removed?”

11.  Deputy T.M. Pitman of St. Helier will ask the following question of the Chairman of the Electoral Commission.

“Given the financial cost of promoting genuine public engagement via submissions on the future reform of the States and in light of the concerns I have expressed to the Commission regarding bogus submissions using false identities, can the Chairman advise how many of the submissions made to the Electoral Commission were actually via e-mail with no address to confirm authenticity?”

2nd question period – Chief Minister

TheJerseyWay would like to Credit & Thank BBC Radio Jersey for making these recording's posible. 

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

#FreeJersey: Please Help Us Restore Democracy To Our Beautiful Island.

Today is not a day to focus on right-wing versus left-wing politics, but the difference between right and wrong. 

When a democratic government abuses its substantial legal, legislative and financial powers to crack down on journalists’ freedom of speech, force policemen and elected officials from their jobs and systemically dismantle its own checks and balances so as to deny each of its targets due process, clearly it is a government that has lost its way.

Jersey, the jewel in the crown of the Channel Islands, may be one of the world's leading offshore financial centres, but it has begun to use its clout against its own people – and it is keeping the rest of its population in the dark about it. This is now a place where court and legislative records – those that are public anyway – can now be redacted. This is an island where secret trials are now allegedly taking place and elected officials are forced to debate key issues in secret. Web content is banned and journalists booted out. This is not the way a democratic government is supposed to be run.

Again, this is not about politics. It is about standing up for truth, honesty and integrity. It is about restoring the good name of our beautiful island whose reputation has been dragged through the mud by those attempting to cover-up the facts surrounding some of the most heinous crimes known to man – crimes of violence against children. Crimes the vast majority of islanders would never defend, yet most of those who stand accused of committing them have not been brought to justice and continue to walk among us and our children. Worse, these alleged perpetrators remain entrenched in some of the very highest echelons of Jersey’s government – working in departments that focus on children! It is beyond comprehensible.

On an island where children in need of care have been let down by the government for decades – and continue to be let down – we cannot afford to ignore or repeat our mistakes. More broadly, challenging the government’s current decisions, particularly when not made in the best interest of the public, should not require bottomless financial resources and friends in high places. We are supposed to be a democracy, right?

With our checks and balances hamstrung, the international and independent media may be our last chance at reclaiming our democracy and re-establishing rule of law.

Today, Jersey politician Deputy Trevor Pitman launched an e-petition on in support of the return of U.S. investigative journalist and author, Leah McGrath Goodman, to the island to continue her research into decades of child abuse at Jersey’s state-run “care” homes and allegations of cover-ups in the wake of the government’s removal of the chief of police and shut-down of the entire investigation.

One year ago today, Ms. Goodman was banned from the UK and Jersey for two years after revealing to the Jersey Customs and Immigration Service during a voluntary meeting that she was writing a book on atrocities against children at Haut de la Garenne. According to the UK Border Force, she was flagged by Jersey Immigration authorities for removal upon her next border crossing – and that is exactly what happened. After the intervention of UK Member of Parliament John Hemming, the ban was reduced to one year and it expires today, 11 September 2012. That said, the UK and Jersey have so far declined to restore Ms. Goodman’s visa or allow her cross the border to continue her research. In order to do so safely, she will need to have her Tier -1 visa status fully restored – hence, the reason for Deputy Pitman’s e-petition today.

Leah McGrath Goodman should be permitted to complete her work in order that there is an accurate record based on the available facts and evidence. Jersey needs to confront the failings of its past so it can redress them and, most of all, ensure the safety of our children’s future.

We ask readers who care about the island’s children, who care about the island’s reputation, who believe in a free press and who want the truth to be told to sign Deputy Pitman’s e-petition. We also ask fellow bloggers to copy and paste this blog onto their own Web sites so that we may show the world that Jersey wants the best for its future and its children. It is time to leave our island’s culture of secrecy behind and demand the kind of free and open society our island deserves. Those who would do otherwise are not representative of the majority of islanders.

Please spread the word and sign this petition (ten seconds). The Internet is the one thing Jersey authorities have not been able to lock down.....yet! The petition can be signed HERE

For those who tweet this campaign, please use the #FreeJersey hashtag. While Jersey may try to keep journalists out, it cannot keep us for letting the truth in.