Thursday, 29 October 2009

Coming out.

I've been asked a lot why have I not Blogged for months.

Well this year has been hard & there are times when you just need to take a back seat & reflect on wear you are going in life.

It is not that I've given up, far from it I've got loads to say about this Island which I Love.

I've had the most stressful summer of my life. With our Hospital nearly killing my mum, not once but twice. But with the good staff of the Intensive care & the strong heart of a woman who lived though the war she is back at home now doing very well.

I have also had my own problems with being lost in the hospital system so having to wait months for an appointment & just today I've been for a scan to do with a problem that has just come to light & I went private so I didn't have to wait 4 weeks not knowing what was going on.

So what do I mean with my Title " Coming Out".!! No I'm not Gay but since I've not been Blogging I have been thinking that I shouldn't be Anonymous & would probably be More Frank.

I think Blogger's have been getting a bad deal this year & I don't think its right. So I think we should be in the open about who we are & we need more people Blogging about this place.

The Voice does a brilliant job he must put in hours into his work.

As for Senator Syvret well were do you start. That man has put his head on the block so many times now he must be some kind cat with 9+ lives. If he had lived in a different time i.e. pre Internet he would be in London Yes But The Tower of London. With a few stretching pains & we would of never of heard of him again. But the Internet has come to his rescue & there's so many people out here who know what is going on our Government can't just get him removed.

As for the people saying he should be hear, well he has a Island wide Mandate & his People are not getting justice so he has thought for them. In the end getting himself so involved with his work repersenting the Islands Victims he's crossed a line or two. So in my veiw he is a man of his word & as onest as the day is long.

So do I come out or stay in the willdeness.