Monday 7 August 2017

Just Ask The Damn Question



Yes – Because it’s Happening Now.

“Everybody would say, ‘what evidence have you got?’ I would say, ‘well I don’t have enough evidence to ever prove to anyone that he’s guilty…I just feel that I have huge responsibility, a huge need, to go and ask a lot of questions’.”

David Walsh, the journalist who, in 1999, first questioned Lance Armstrong’s remarkable performance in the Tour de France.

At a moment when the BBC is being forced to confront the toxicity of its intrinsically compromised “networked” and “club-like” nature – in which uncomfortable facts can be hidden in plain sight if that’s what suits a number of people – I was most interested to read a parallel story; one which has echoes of the BBC’s omerta.


That's a exert from Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret's Blog and it's just so right still.

Have a read HERE

The BBC Radio Jersey Care Inquiry Documentary!!

Listen to it, Please.

I was full of hope when I heard of this, but as usual, Let Down and bemused at to why do the Media just skate around the Elephant in the room and not ask the right questions? 

If I can think of a few questions to ask/look into why can't these so called Journalists?

This so called Documentary was just asking the same old questions with no Answers, no Names, No Connections, No Links to anything, Nothing 

I'm sure the Answers are "hidden in plain sight" Just like with Savile, look at what he was allowed to get away with. I can't forget he had weekly Monthly meetings with top Coppers! Why was that allowed to happen?

The Report is out and it's damning of the non Care in our Children's Care Homes.

This BBC Journalist just says The AG? why can't she say William Bailhache was the AG at the time?

Why not question why the Bailiff Philip Bailhache Stopped Senator Stuart Syvret when he was telling the States that he didn't have confidence in The States Care System?

Why did The Bailiff Philip Bailhache tell The Home Affairs Minister to not go down that Route, in the InCamera Debate ? 

Why is the now Senator Philip Bailhache so against this Report? is it because The Report says he's speech at the Liberation was inappropriate? 

Why did Senator Philip Bailhache vote against the Care Inquiry getting extra money?

Why did Senator Philip Bailhache, the ex Bailiff, ex Top Judge Represent Deputy Andrew Lewis at the PPC meeting with all those Lawyers and who's paying for them?  Is it the States of Jersey paying for this?

 I've missed loads, which I'm sure people can fill me in with more.

We need to put together a Time Line with all the dubious things the  AG, Deputy Bailiff and Bailiff have been involved in.

You will say they will be involved in everything, but I'm sure it would make interesting reading.

Why do we get such Sloppy Journalism Or are they not allowed too?

This Island will not be able to move on until the Truth is out and we need the likes of the BBC to do a Better job, then they are doing now. 

Accredited Media?  

Just ask the Right Questions and please get some Answers, Not just tell us what we already KNOW! 


voiceforchildren said...


Interesting observations but I take issue with one part of your posting, which seems to contradict its message. You wrote:

"We need to put together a Time Line with all the dubious things the AG, Deputy Bailiff and Bailiff have been involved in."

After reading the link you published in the main posting to Stuart's excellent Blog Posting. "We" shouldn't be doing anything of the kind. It should have been done before now by journalists "asking the damn questions."

Your readers should be encouraged to click on the link to STUART'S BLOG and ask could the same be said for all local MSM and not just the BBC?

Credit to Zoe Clough she did hunt-down and doorstep the Maguires and has put together a balanced piece that you have published here. Her "reporting" is of a good standard. Not sure that her "questioning" is of the same standard.

voiceforchildren said...


Exclusive interview with former Senior Investigating Officer LENNY HARPER.

voiceforchildren said...


The Jersey Way/HOT-SEAT.