Thursday, 20 July 2017

BBC Radio Jersey Interviews Bloggers about Cover-ups!

This Blog was Last Published Friday the 9th of November 2012

BBC's Matthew Price Discusses Jersey's Cover Up's! Again he just won’t let the Interviewees finish what they have to say! It’s as if "how dare these bloggers think there Journalists, You didn't go to Uni!"

First Interview with Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret & Rico Sorda.

Second Interview Rico with Senator Ian Le Marquand the Home Affairs Minister.

 Third Interview with BBC Radio Jersey's Boss Jon Gripton. Who is choosing his words well. Then Voice for Children was let on to give his views. 14 minutes in.

Will put the rest of the Recordings up next week

Forth Interview with Mick Dunn & Deputy Trevor Pitman.   Part 1

Part 2. with Comments

Fifth Interview  with John Hemming MP.

Then some more Comments.

TheJerseyWay would like to Credit & Thank BBC Radio Jersey for making these recording's possible.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Graham Power Interviewed on BBC Radio Jersey.

"The People That did Nothing are Criticizing the people that Did Something"

That's a Quote from Graham Power and it sums up everything and you don't need to say anything else.

Please Listen.

Thanks to The Voice For Children Blog for getting me this recording.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Senator Sir Philip Bailhache BBC Interview.

The Independent Jersey Care Inquiry Said About Senator Bailhache - 

"A Grave political Error" to his speech in 2008 on Liberation Day.

But Senator Bailhache Says in the Interview: 

"The Inquiry got it wrong"

Even though he says he agrees with the Report, he disapproves with most of it. So in my way of thinking, I will take it that he Doesn't approve of the Report, which means he's going against the Chief Minister and his Council? Doesn't It?

Also the Inquiry Said that, they couldn't except that a Politician and a Lawyer of his experience, could of made the mistake that Senator Bailhache is calling it. 

He meant what he said that day and he has no feelings for anyone but he's self. 

If as he says it was all but the media at the time, he should of made it clearer.

Anyway you can make your own mind up on it.  

Here is the Interview.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Voice For Children on the Jersey Radio.

Voice For Children being interviewed About all relevant matters to this day.

Prawn cocktails, Teeth falling thought floor boards and who is Paul Kent? 

I cant believe how much recordings I've got, but this will take a flow of its own. 

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Frank Walker's BBC Radio Jersey Interview.

Have we just traveled back in time to 2008?

Good Old Frank Walker, doesn't know when to stop digging.

What happened to the Email Frank?

We are not still in 2008 Frank, but you still say you sacked Graham Power because Lenny Harper spent some money on meals and wine? I thought that had been investigated.

It sounds so easy dosn't it, you spend some money on a meal and wine and your boss gets sacked?

That was back then.

Now our our top Chiefs can spend the Islands money on flights to South Africa and a game of golf and then when the public finds out. You still can't sack him, you send him back to England with a Golden Handshake.

Most of been a very expensive bottle of Wine?

Here's the Interview from the 12/07/17. on Radio Jersey.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

The Independent Jersey Care Inquiry's Report is out

And we need to carry on

Due to Deputy Lewis being mentioned in the Report for not being Truthful to the Inquiry’s panel and still not admitting that he did wrong and I quote

“We find that Andrew Lewis lied to the States Assembly about the Metropolitan Police report, stating that he had had sight of it when he had not. We can readily see why these acts have given rise to the public suspicion that all or some of those involved were acting improperly and that they were motivated by a wish to discredit or close down investigations into child abuse.” End quote.

The Jersey Way thinks some of the old recordings need to be reheard.

I’m shocked at the report, don’t know why because I knew what was going on at the time and knew some of the stories, to which the public were getting told that hadn’t happened.

Well now we know they did and it’s our duty to get the whole story out, now that we have been vindicated to why we were so outspoken about all of this.

Some of the States members that are in there now, were not there then, obviously. But the ones that were there, in the States Stamping there bloody feet, in agreement with the decisions that the Inquiry was not being needed and too the disproval of Senator Stuart Syvret, who I may add has been proved right all along.

I'm going to say Stuart Syvret needs an apology From the Jersey Government and he needs Redress.

We Knew you were right all along Stuart, its a shame the Government at the time, thought more about The Finance Industry then Children!

I’m going to dig out some speeches that will prove that it’s all crocodile tears going on at the moment and also tears because Chief Minister Le Sueur failed to stop the inquiry happening and they have all been court out.

So up first is this one.

Francis Le Gresley and Stuart Syvret were being interviewed by the BBC Radio Jersey, they were getting asked what they had thought of Senator Le Sueur’s tenure as Chief Minister. But first Neil had phoned in to ask about Andrew Lewis!

Recorded 22nd of September 2011