Thursday, 30 April 2009

Senator Perchard.

After watching the video on The Voiceforchildren Blog site, when Mrs J. Garcia finally got to talk to the Senator, I was surprised to find out he hadn't made any effort to talk with her about her son's Suicide & after he had said publicly that he would. I had to make a comment which I shell reproduce below.

thejerseyway said...
I don't no what it is, but I just can't believe anything this so called Senator says.May be its because he moved his lips.He says he spent 1 day with Mental Health Doctors discussing Suicide, Just one day when people spend a life time try to under stand this illness.People are at rock bottom, the world is against them, can't see a way out & think there family would be better off with out them. I could go on & on.This man sickened me when we were told what he said & it was not the first time he had said such a thing.May be he should speak to the Samaritans about spending some time helping out on a weekend, just to see for himself how many people out there in the real world with problems & despair there really is.Then he may have a better idea about the illness & Then he mite think twice about saying such a horrible thing to another person.But I wont hold my breath on that one & to think he had the audacity to go for the job again. Well I'm not happy about him being in the States at all.The next Election can't come soon enough When I will be reminding people again of just what this candidate has said in the past & I'll put a bet on at honest Nev's bookies that he will mess up again before we get to the Elections.I hope we still have a farming industry left by then. Know wot I mean.
29 April 2009 16:06.

I think I said enough there, but this man must love himself so much he just does not get the message. He goes for the job again.

But hang on one minute hes not the Chief Minister choice, even when the Chief Minister has said that he has the FULL BACKING of his Department. So do we take that the Chief Minister said that statement just to cover his back. I suppose he could not say he didn't.

So Senator Perchard went for the job on his own back, with out the Chief Minister's BACKING. Well he should of taken the hint & gone back to the shadows were he belongs. But we had to listen to him bleat on about how much work he had to finish. All he was doing was a self preservative exorcise. But I can't believe him one little bit anymore & I know there are a lot more people out there that think the same.

He is not fit to be a Senator, all he does is disrupt Propositions in the States, on the say so from our real Chief Minister Senator Phillp Ozouf. So he's the Government's Bully Boy, with the mouth of a sewer RAT & the brain of a gold fish, witch only lasts 3 seconds.

I would love to know who were the 10 that voted for him. They should go with the GST 28.


Anonymous said...

How that man had the balls to stand again for health minister beggars belief. Mrs. Gracia is very humble and very controlled, an inspirational lady.

Anonymous said...

It makes you wonder what Perchards ambitions are, I think he thinks he has potential to be Chief Minister. Really sad.

thejerseyway said...

He wont get in as a senator in the next Eletions, Let aloan to think he would be our Chief Minister in a few years.

Anonymous said...

Your right he has no chance of getting in at next election, but he really cannot see that far.

One Day said...

How can we find out who the Perchard 10 are? I really would love to know so I never vote for them again.

thejerseyway said...

Thanks for the comment.
I would think Senator Shenton is one. For starters

One Day said...

Perhaps Perchard for 2?