Friday, 19 February 2010

P9 2010. 23/02/10.

I have been drawn in to say something about this proposition.

I have had the opportunity this week to listen to the Radio Phone in and I have been most surprised by the amount of people that have made it be known on the radio that the proposition that Deputy Bob Hill has brought, is the right way to go. To get to the end of this sorry Saga.

I think you can say "it does what it says on the tin". That is get to the TRUTH OF THE MATTER.

He has named a committee which is what he is to do under Standing Order's & the States Members when they debate the proposition can put there own people up for the committee.

But there are people that are doing all they can to delay this getting thought, by saying the committee needs to be advertise for these positions & our good Chief Minister wants to have the inquiry in house not in public.

If our good Chief Minister gets his way it won't happen before our Chief of Police retires & then what is the point. Our inner Government have got away with it. They would of in not so many words of sacked the Islands Chief of Police because he was doing to mush of a good job.

But this has cost the Island over £1 Million pounds & our police force are having to make cut backs, which basically means our force is down in numbers by around 14 police officers, may not seem a lot to the outside world but we are only 9 miles by 5 miles with a population that no one knows. You can ask anyone "when did you see a copper on the beat in town" & they will have to think & then they will come out with "don't no".

There are so many question's to be answered. !!

I just hope this proposition gets the vote & we may just be on the road to change for the good of the Island. If our Chief Minister gets his way & this loses we are in the sh*t & our States members would of lost the respect of & I know I don't speak for the all the Island but I think I could say over half of the Island. No wonder Senator Stuart Syvret left the Island If this is what our Honorable Members can get away with.

In our Chief of Police's Affidavit he names the Chief Executive in political activity in the removal of the then Minister of Health Senator Syvret, for doing his job in asking difficult questions. He didn't want anything to do with it, so he left that meeting. In doing so & in not joining in on the plot sealed his Removal from office.!!!!


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Ian Evans said...

You can ask anyone "when did you see a copper on the beat in town"

Err, about two weeks ago I saw two of them, they were booking a young lad for pedalling his bicycle (at walking speed) through town.

Tough Job this police thing !