Friday, 15 October 2010

Speeches you Don't get to Hear.

Property and Infrastructure Regeneration: the States of Jersey Development Company Limited.

1. Our Chief Minister, say's it with out thinking!

2. Deputy Rondel say's it as he see's it!

3. Deputy Winberly Just say's it!
Sorry about the interferance.

Does anyone have a Request, this could be a good laugh.


Anonymous said...

NO2. Deputy Rondel. Absolutely says it as he sees it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you TheJerseyWay.

One man not afraid to state his point of view. Deputy Winberly questioning TLS interpretation of the Napier report. Worth a listen.

Anonymous said...

Is the interference a regular problem with transmission as it did appear to be convenient for TLS as it was very difficult to clearly understand what was being said?