Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Question Time 05/07/11

7. Deputy T.M. Pitman of St. Helier will ask the following question of the Minister for Home Affairs–

“Will the Minister clarify how the Wiltshire investigation incurred expenses of £200,700 in staff costs; £92,000 in travel; £82,000 in hotel accommodation and £39,100 in subsistence; where were these expenses incurred (Jersey or elsewhere); what grade hotels were used; and to how many individuals do the travel, accommodation and subsistence figures relate?”

14. The Deputy of St. Mary will ask the following question of the Chief Minister –

“Can the Chief Minister explain why he maintains that the former Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police offered, in his letter to the Deputy Chief Executive in a letter dated 31st March 2010, to fully participate in the Napier Review?”

17. Deputy T.M. Pitman of St. Helier will ask the following question of the Minister for Home Affairs–

“Will the Minister advise whether a disciplinary investigation was pending in respect of the States of Jersey Police Superintendent who recently resigned after just a few months in his post, and if so, what was the basis for this investigation and would he advise whether the officer concerned received a final salary settlement outside of his contracted entitlement?

TheJerseyWay would like to Credit & Thank BBC Radio Jersey for making these recording's posible


rico sorda said...




You read all about the selective answers of the Chief Minister Above

Great stuff TJW


Anonymous said...

Wow. I think ILM and the COM should be afraid. Their idea of transparency is transparent nonsense.

voiceforchildren said...


None of this was covered by ANY of the "discredited" media.

Deputy Wimberley showed our Chief Minister to be a liar. Trevor Pitman, could have exposed the truth behind the departure of Supt Gravett and it doesn't make the "news."

This will only serve to make the mainstream less relevant.

Anonymous said...

I have read the Jersey blogs for several years from an interest in justice for victims of child abuse, and you bloggers have come a long way. You really work together for journalistic integrity more than most of the better mainstream media would. It is refreshing to see a site like this with recordings of official meetings when you have another blogger link in his comment to the site with the corresponding written documents.

I wonder if you even know how much you have permanently changed the course of justice for abuse victims. You are real heroes and champions for criminal justice, and your good efforts thus far will live forever on the net. Someone could write a top selling nonfiction book based on the Jersey bloggers' excellent research alone. Someone probably will.