Tuesday, 10 July 2012

As Said On Radio Jersey. "Here's Questions without Answers". 10/07/12.

Three Questions for now, Will put up Questions about Independence & Senator Ozouf in the next day or so.

9. Deputy T.M. Pitman of St. Helier will ask the following question of the Chief Minister –

“Will the Chief Minister clarify whether Mr. Brian Napier QC had access to the transcript of the States „in camera. session where the former Home Affairs Minister informed the Assembly that he had seen the preliminary report that was so damning that he was left no option but to suspend the former Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police?”

16. Deputy M.R. Higgins of St. Helier will ask the following question of the Minister for Home Affairs –

“Can the Minister advise whether evidence relating to child abuse in Jersey has gone missing and thereby prevented the prosecution of alleged offenders and, if so, what investigations have taken place to find those responsible for the loss of this evidence?”

17. Deputy T.M. Pitman of St. Helier will ask the following question of the Chief Minister –

“Will the Minister advise why, if there was considered to be a problem with the terms of reference drawn up by Verita for the proposed Historic Abuse Enquiry, this was not resolved with Verita and outline why Mr. Andrew Williamson was engaged?”

TheJerseyWay would like to Credit & Thank BBC Radio Jersey for making these recording's posible. 


thejerseyway said...

To that person who has left a comment "what has that got to do with my Blog Post".


Anonymous said...

TJW, thanks for the new posting. By the way, you may find your blog plagued with trolls now that a number of bloggers have taken an anti-trolling stance. The notorious troll is desperate to be heard.

Zoompad said...

Will try to do some transcripting tonight

Anonymous said...

I normally use a link on CTV's website to listen to some of the sates meetings but coouldn't find it this week. I thought maybe I had got the dates wrong until I read this blog and listened to the recordings.

Is there a link on BBC Jersey instead so that next time I can listen in, if so could you let me know how to find it as I tried but couldn't find one on there either at the time?


Unless the meeting was on Monday and not Tuesday in which case I missed it anyway.

thejerseyway said...

Hi Anon.

Thanks for your question. It was on Tuesday & you can only listen to the States on the Radio MW 1026

I did here that CTV was Live feeding it, but have not been on.

This is why I'm doing what I do because the majority of people can not listen & the BBC will only let you here what they are told the people can here.