Thursday, 24 January 2013

Top Deputy, Pitman gets Interviewed on the BBC.

Deputy T. Pitman is interviewed about Leah McGarth Goodman getting her Visa, so she can return to Jersey & carry on Investigating about the Child Abuse that Happened over here.
Well Done Deputy & everyone that Signed the Petition.

Deputy T. Pitman is interviewed about a Jersey Paedophile Paul Renouf who got out of Jail & was able to disappear & Turn up in Bulgaria.


TheJerseyWay would like to Credit & Thank BBC Radio Jersey for making these recording's possible.


rico sorda said...

Thanks for posting this. I have also just gone to press that can be read here.


Anonymous said...

Trevor Pitman telling Matthew Price the rule of law has broken down. Pitman has evidence of court transcripts being doctored and Price just moves on. The island of Jersey is so corrupt that the corruption is nothing new!

Ian Evans said...

Again, many thanks for the excellent service you provide to your fellow bloggers and the people of Jersey TJW.

And again, I have LINKED to your blog as those services you provide are needed again by myself. Good work pal.

Anonymous said...

I want to echo what the anonymous commenter at 8:37 said about Matthew Price just moving on after the important topic of Jersey's breakdown in the rule of law was being discussed. This remains a disgraceful pattern for the BBC. Mr Price has been forced, for at least a few months now, into understand the important truth of what Deputy Pitman is saying. The established facts are out there suggesting the BBC, in Jersey and beyond, looked the other way regarding child abuse and particularly Savile, so it is unacceptable for Mr Price to continue this charade of being a journalist if he can't grasp the meaning of Deputy Pitman's strong words.

Anonymous said...

A member of parliament tells a radio DJ the rule of law has broken down on the island and the DJ ignores it. Isn't it time some journalists took over?

Ian Evans said...

What is really going on in our COURTS

Anonymous said...


This is some amazing stuff. Can you regularly post links to your blog updates on twitter? The outside world is really looking in to Jersey. Thanks!


Ian Evans said...

Continuing the theme of the deplorable standard of ADVOCACY IN JERSEY