Friday, 17 May 2013

Questions without Answers 14/05/13.

Sorry but I've just lost 3 Days somewhere! anyway here is a few of those edge of your seat questions. I know I've had requests, I'll but the others up in a couple of days.

7.  Senator S.C. Ferguson will ask the following question of the Chief Minister –

“Will the Chief Minister confirm that, in common with best practice, ‘gagging’ clauses will no
longer be permitted in compromise agreements?”



8.  Deputy T.M. Pitman of St. Helier will ask the following question of the Chief Minister –

“Further to concerns raised by a member of the public travelling on the same flight as the
Assistant Chief Minister with responsibility for external relations, that he was able to identify
details of both the victim and alleged abuser in the suspension of the Dean’s Commission case,
does the Chief Minister stand by his statement that the only document being read was the Korris
Report which does not contain names?”


14.  Deputy M. Tadier of St. Brelade will ask the following question of the Chief Minister -

“Given the Chief Minister's assertion last year that “There is no wish or need to accommodate or
to give encouragement to those who seek to involve Jersey in aggressive tax planning schemes”
(Hansard 26.6.2012), will the Chief Minister carry out an investigation to ascertain the extent to
which such schemes are used in the island, to confirm his position in this matter?”


Did you hear any Answers?

TheJerseyWay would like to Credit & Thank BBC Radio Jersey for making these recording's possible.


Anonymous said...

02: 38 ''The document does contain some information, that is not in the public domain''

So not the Korris report then.

Who gave Bailhache a report?

Anonymous said...

You are fantastic for doing this. Thanks again.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing this, much appreciated.

Ian Evans said...

Good job TJW, I didn't know this post was up. Will have a listen shortly :)

A little something from....CYRIL

Anonymous said...

I heard Philip Bailhache on the radio and I know a liar when I hear one! he is a disgrace and should resign while he has an centimetre of integrity left! I believe the Member of the public, not PBailhahce