Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Deputy Pitman on Radio Jersey about Stuart Syvret's Secret Court Case

Deputy T Pitman.

Discussing Stuart Syvret's Secret Court Case on Radio Jersey this morning with good old Matthew Price with just the one Question  "In the interests of free speech should we be allowed to say anything we like online?"


TheJerseyWay would like to Credit & Thank BBC Radio Jersey for making these recording's possible.


voiceforchildren said...


Part one of the broadcast can be listened to HERE

Anonymous said...

Good on Trevor Pitman for plugging the Jersey blogs who have done the public a bigger service than the BBC ever have over here.

Ian Evans said...

Very well handled Trevor Pitman, BBC had their answers ready way in advance by the sounds of it, yet still came across as a shill's defending the Oligarchy. Keep up the good work Trevor Pissman (as Jon reverts to you), and you TJW, top notch fella, many thanks for the service you provide....

Anonymous said...

Emma Martins is incorrect to state that individuals have to "...face the legal consequences arising from the damage that they do and the lasting harm they can cause through their actions."

Accusations by the four applicants could not have realistically formed a real libel case, even if the applicants had been funded for that instead. This was really about disguising Stuart Syvret's evidence of the failure of the law to hold these four applicants to account for the damage they have allegedly done and the lasting harm that allegedly caused.

And could someone explain what relief were the "applicants" she assisted, "successful in winning" again? Does she say this because the applicants have now stopped suffering significant distress? That should exempt Stuart from further liability claims.

Laws obviously do not protect most "in everyday
life," nor does that accountability apply equally to those "...even if they claim journalistic status." Nothing suggests any court or government concern for equality, just the opposite.

This was indisputably a special politicized directive to use the Data Protection Law as an excuse for targeting a single political dissident. That dissident used his blog to publicize the evidenced fact that the rule of law in Jersey had allowed named individuals to escape the just legal consequences for their actions. This, the blog suggested, was a matter of the public's best interest, as justifiable as any other safety issue for the public.

Disclosure of the accusations against the four was not, however, in the interest of the oligarchy or the conflicted courts. Neither is the continuation of any action, not only because it has achieved nothing, but because Jersey's misuse of Data Protection Law will never hold up to any objective legal scrutiny and they know it.


Anonymous said...

The Jersey Way and Voice For Children come through again, with a permanent record for the sake of history. Trevor and Stuart spoke extremely well in both segments and Trevor tried to bring in the facts, in spite of the interviewer trying to sidestep them.

Anonymous said...

Audio starts with Mathew Price asking the question. Then jumps to earlier broadcast with political reporter Chris Raynor 6.00, then Clare Peters.

Continuity, selective editing of Mr Syvrets interview, filling gaps? hiding spoken truths?

A libel case would of tested the evidence against the four concerned as reported by Mr. Syvret.

Secret case, keeps the evidence from the public and plays into the conspiracy theorist denigration tactic.

The Law has not protected the four as evidence is on the blogs Judge can do no more.

The only thing to come out of this ruling is the evidence remains behind closed doors for the general public (sheeple)

Anonymous said...

All very well but until you get a media response from any of the 4 people involved in this case its just run way traffic at the moment.

Anonymous said...

What was the part that BBC Jersey edited out?

Anonymous said...

"One way traffic?" More like cataclysmic wreck if there is ever full disclosure. The applicants and the government wouldn't want the story behind the story to ever see light of day. This is all about hiding the evidence Stuart Syvret has, and punishing him for mentioning it. The applicants are just dirty little pawns in the Jersey concealment industry.


Anonymous said...

I really hope you are recording the States today? BBC Jersey and CTV live internet feeds are (suspiciously?) down.

Please try to record the Q&A for the Foreign Minister role (Bailhache/Baudains/Tadier).

Thanks as ever, brilliant service.

Anonymous said...

Ah, at 10:11am, the internet audio feed came back online, with Gerard Baudains making his speech.

Did we miss anything?