Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Victoria Derbyshire Interviews about Cyril Smith on BBC Radio 5Live

A lawyer representing alleged victims of the politician Sir Cyril Smith says they'll take legal action against the Lib Dems if it's proven the party knew and didn't act. Police are investigating claims that the former Rochdale MP - who died in 2010 aged 82 - repeatedly abused children during his 40 year career in politics. 

Victoria Derbyshire

MP Simon Danczuk and aid Matt Baker

Here's a link to the Manchester Evening News article HERE

Should the Lib Dems be doing more to find out who knew what when about Cyril Smith? Nick Clegg says he would support stripping the late Liberal politician Cyril Smith of his knighthood, following accusations the former Rochdale MP sexually abused children over decades. Now a Labour MP has written a book compiling the allegations against Cyril Smith - and calling for a full inquiry into what happened. We speak to him, and to a former Lancashire detective who investigated the allegations.

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voiceforchildren said...


Appointment of SIR JOHN NUTTING QC.

Anonymous said...

Having heard the abuse solicitor Alan Collins here via TJW, listeners may like to watch this interview with him, take in Jersey very recently.
Its a good interview.


Heads we win - Tails you lose said...

Well done TJW, your 2nd audio is quite shocking.

This particular incident of the obstruction of the investigations, non prosecution, and the trashing of the investigation on the pretext of "taking it over" and out of the hands of the honest and diligent police officers happened nearly forty years ago on the mainland but is so reminiscent of what happened on the island in more recent decades and indeed up to the present day.

When spooks or bent or compromised politicos take control of the policing function and oversight the then the public (young, old or average) are unprotected and exposed when they come up against the will or wants of power.

Jersey's policing function was hijacked during the illegal suspension of Chief Police Officer G.Power and

This hijack was consolidated by the creation of an "independent" Police Complaints Authority which is blatantly a fig-leaf organisation put under the control of the same failed jersey clique:


"We deliver a flexible and understanding client-based approach to providing policing, prosecution and judiciary services – for those occasions when mere traditional legal, trust-fund, corporate administration, litigation and private-client representation just isn’t enough"