Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Questions without Answers. 17/06/14.

1. Deputy R.G. Le Hérissier of St. Saviour will ask the following question of the Chief Minister –

 “Could the Chief Minister inform the Assembly of the number of Serious Case Reviews which
have been initiated or completed in the last two years and how many are ongoing at present, and
would she state what major changes, if any, have been made as a result of these Reviews?”

6. Deputy S.Y. Mézec of St. Helier will ask the following question of the Chief Minister -

 “Following his support earlier this year for an end to the dual role of the Bailiff, does the Chief
Minister also support an end to the prosecution role of the Attorney General and the
establishment of a separate prosecution service?”

8. Deputy M.R. Higgins of St. Helier will ask the following question of the Minister for Home
Affairs –

 “Will the Minister give Members an update on the work of the Police internet investigators who
took up their post on 31st January 2014 and inform Members how many cyber bullying
complaints have been received since the beginning of 2014 and how they have been dealt, with
including how many prosecutions have been brought against the perpetrators of these acts and the
penalties imposed on those convicted of an offence?”

16. Deputy R.G. Le Hérissier of St. Saviour will ask the following question of the Chairman of the
Privileges and Procedures Committee –

 “Given the apparent inability of PPC to promote the relevant legislation, as explained in a written
answer on 3rd June 2014, what alternative steps, if any, is the Committee taking to ensure the
credibility of the referendum proposed for October 2014?”

17. Deputy M.R. Higgins of St. Helier will ask the following question of the Minister for Home
Affairs –

 “Can the Minister assure members and the public that all cases of alleged child abuse and child
protection issues are fully investigated by the States of Jersey Police and that they liaise fully
with the various child protection bodies, the Law Officers’ Department and the Judiciary?”

(c) – Questions to Ministers without notice (30 minutes) – 
 1st question period – Minister for Health and Social Services 

TheJerseyWay would like to Credit & Thank BBC Radio Jersey for making these recording's possible.


Anonymous said...

We keep on hearing about this 'prolific offender' on the Net but nobody ever shows examples of any offending?

Is that because its being made up?

Face the ugly truth so your kids dont have to said...

Anonymous @9:18, I recommend you listen to the audio recording available at:


It is a threatening phone call by Jon H****** where amongst other things he says "Nurse M is going to kill your family" and he boasts of his protection by the Police & Data Protection etc.
(shockingly true as it turns out)

This disease did not disappear, it just got more careful and where it can't intimidate it's target it attacks or publishes details about their family / wife or children etc.

Delightful creature, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

I think its terrible that this Jon is being attacked so much online by the same people. 2 wrongs never make a right and dwelling on this old rubbish makes people no better. Then again the owner of the blog attacking him all the time is hardly an angel either.

Anonymous said...

Lol, dwelling on the infamous Jon H phone call is pulling at straws again.

More trolling from the House of Worthless said...

Hi 7:34 & 12:19

Yes Jon Haworth's phone call is a real 'nugget' isn't it?

The only really scary thing about his phone call is how much TRUTH was in it -he boasts of his protection by the Police & Data Protection.

This particular instance of Jon's activities were indeed recorded some time ago but unfortunately the nuggets and spivs in control of this island keep it as CURRENT now as it was on the day of that sad indiscretion.

Perhaps such sad trolls could be better ignored if they (along with Nurse M etc) had not been awarded well over £300,000 of taxpayers money to cover their tracks.

The real cost may run into millions. That is not a straw my friend, it's a rotten haystack -before you even start looking at the ugly detail.
That money would have been so much better spent keeping the public safe and providing these people with the mental health treatment they so desperately need

Now that you are clutching at straws you might like to absorb the further revelations and observations that Advocate Sinel makes on the dysfunction in the island's 'justice' system that makes all this possible:


To understand why children are still not safe on this island read:


Listen to Anne Pryke dismal performance in TJW's last recording above
and to understand how this incompetent came to be appointed to such an important position it might be worth finding out about some of the activities of her late husband DS Roger Pryke in the "Child Protection Team" as outlined in the Vic College abuse eventually revealed in the Sharp Report, see:


Do you require any further information?

Anonymous said...

All of these 'comments' defending our Jon are quite clearly from our Jon. You really do have to laugh. You might think the troll would be a bit more concerned with the horrors these recordings reveal. Keep up the good work whoever you are. A very valuable service.

Anonymous said...

Happy bet anyone £100 that the above comments defending Howarth are posted by himself...

Anonymous said...

Continually we hear very old news to justify up to date issues. Nothing current, nothing of real intrinsic value. To rely on a drunken phone call that the person admitted making whilst pissed off with being abused online was never anything to build on from when it started. We hear about the Sharp Report that is 15 years old. The Roger Holland affair, just as old and the suspension of Graham Power, almost 6 years old. Speak to Jon on Facebook, he just laughs at this and doesn't care about peoples obsessions as he quotes 'they have no lives of their own to get on with'. But nobidy ever does approach him direct to they?

thejerseyway said...

Anonymous 11.37

Well I would love to meet him, or is it you?


Poor Jon Haw Haw cant help himself said...

Poor Jon was caught and nailed on the Health Minister's blog and reacted totally in character to further prove the truth. PMSL.

The recording of this call forced our bent authorities to at last take some action upon the sad troll.
Unbelievably they were planning to deal with their pet troll merely with a 'telling off' at the Parish Hall until Mr. Syvret highlighted the existence of the death threat tape against a man's family as WITNESS INTIMIDATION in one of the oligarchy's court cases attempting to silence the Ex Health Minister.

Jersey's history of failure does sadly go back decades but paedophilia does not spontaneously cure itself through cover-up or the empty "lessons have been learned" mantra.

Jon's historic bullying of abuse survivors and child protection activists remains totally relevant while he is still active and while he and some even more unsavoury characters are used as proxies by the behind the scenes rulers of the island.

Whilst the Ex Health Minister or others remain subject to the illegal gagging order all of the history relating to that gagging order remains TOTALLY CURRENT.

If the island's children had miraculously become safe and past crimes had been properly prosecuted instead of buried by the law offices then perhaps it would be time to move on.

Here's hoping:

....... Oh, look at the similarity of the trolling, threats and denialism from someone on Rico's blog........ PMSL

Anonymous said...


It is worth listing very carefully to the detail of the death threat call form a psychological point of view.

It is difficult to miss the slight effeminate lilt to the bursts of laughter which feature regularly in the recording.

It seems quite likely that this individual had gender issues in addition to the other problems which are self evident.

It is a crime that this man is being supported in his dangerous pathology rather than receiving the treatment that might help him.

While there are real and ongoing child protection concerns on the island it is all too easy to intensely dislike such an individual but he almost certainly has issues which he cannot permanently control.

Also as hinted by "the House of Worthless" above it would be wrong to assume with certainty that all the trolling on the island is done by just one man. This is an island of 100,000 so there are likely to be a number of similar people acting either as individuals or as groups, probably with a variety of motivations.

This communication is particularly interesting, extracted from comment June 13, 2014 at 2:20 PM from

"You really are sitting on a high horse. You invited a tax haven hater to Jersey and your wife is a Trust manager. Look out for the blog, its being written by a tax pro and there is nothing you or your wife can legally do about it. So carry on acting like you are this king of the Net, because you are dreaming."

............. the implication is that this cyber bully is not only spreading the attack onto the wife of the blogger but also that he is receiving legal and financial help or advice to do so.

this is a powder keg waiting to go off in our faces.
The lunatics really have taken over the asylum.

Anonymous said...

There is a particularly fascinating comment above 11:37

"Speak to Jon on Facebook, he just laughs at this and doesn't care about peoples obsessions as he quotes 'they have no lives of their own to get on with'. But nobidy ever does approach him direct to they?"
[typed under the influence?]

Who would think that Mr. Haworth thoughts are worth quoting - the non criminal thoughts anyway?

Perhaps Jon himself ........or does he have a clique of followers?

Besides, who would want to "approach Jon direct"
except in a professional capacity having read his case notes?

Anonymous said...

Like I said he is on Facebook so contact him direct. But he claims nobody ever does.

Shamus P said...

"Speak to Jon direct?" Likely a bit difficult as it seems since he was outed on Stuart Syvret's blog he spends most of his time hiding in his room posting ever more vicious tripe under phoney names such as Sue Young and his latest hilarious creation on Twitter Monty the man hunter. But TJW the "no lives of their own" is the real chuckler here. To write so much hateful dross 24/7 attacking other people as he does is the mark of lunacy in my book. Still, believing in karma I should just return to the horrific phone call one of your posters mentions. the expression "your time will come" puts such abusive bullying as Jon's into a nutshell.

Anonymous said...

"Well I would love to meet him, or is it you?


So why not throw out an open invitation to do a recorded interview for publication here, and give Jon the opportunity to have his say in public. Of course he would need a fair but impartial interviewer, to ask some of the more challenging questions. Come on Jon, you seem to have a lot to say, but are you brave enough to back up your points when challenged? Why not start by proposing a suitable interviewer you would be happy with? Would gladly volunteer myself as I have no particular axe to grind with you, but rather would just like to afford you the opportunity to discuss some of your motivations and actions in a public forum, so we all understand your point of view properly. TJW would you be up for that as well?


Anonymous said...

I do not think the last comment on here is any better than any other troll out there. Its the same hatred against one person who nobody ever seems to have the bottle to talk to direct under their real name!

To then write hatred towards another of who they accuse of hatred under a false name is just priceless!

Anonymous said...

What a charade, well Jon should make more phone calls if this is how people dwell on them!

thejerseyway said...

VFC, does the interviews. I'm sure he would be well up for it.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I meant VFC.

So come on Jon are you up for it? a chance to promote all you stand for?


Anonymous said...

I think its stupid that people are still going over the words of people who are drunk. Get people to say things sober and then you got a story!

Anonymous said...

"Nurse M is going to kill your family"

I take it this never happened!

Anonymous said...

You seem to have a bit of a Jon infestation on the site TJW. I do always have a giggle at how he writes these comments about himself in the third person when anyone can tell he is the author. Priceless.

Anonymous said...

'Priceless', now who do I hear in blog land and e-mails saying that a lot?

Just contact Jon directly for a change, nothing to be scared of.

thejerseyway said...


I don't usually entertain Jon, but this has just grown and now as long as I think I can publish he's comments, I will from now on.


Anonymous said...

What I would like to know from this 'Jon is what's in it for you. Jon?' Why attack somebody's wife for no reason that you don't like the husband coz he fights for justice? it's not as if you have been castigated by the bloke's blog or nutting is it?

Anonymous said...

Serial comments for a serial offender? Certainly a lot of interest in this story for some reason. What I don't understand is how come such a person was given so much money from the tax coffers to take the justice campaigner Syvret to court?

The Jersey Nazi Party said...

@8:52 "I don't understand is how come such a person was given so much money from the tax coffers to take the justice campaigner Syvret to court"

It is incomprehensible if assuming the literal meaning of "Justice System" or "Protection of Children [or vulnerable]" but these public functions have been hijacked by a ruthless self-interest clique.

Jonny Goebbels was a useful idiot for them to let run amok and now he has become a useful idiot to use as a £300,000+++ proxy to silence and imprison ex health minister Syvret.

They have no morals and no shame and they are indulging their needs using our money.

Anonymous said...

This is weird.
He is present on Jersey Politics free speech group on Facebook almost every day, why not go and contact him on there, or is it because you have to use your real names?

Fingering the Jersey Nazi Party said...

Anonymous Jon Doe @7:43 PMSL
Why don't we contact Jonny Goebbels direct ????....

Hmmmmmm, why I wonder ? ...... now let's quote from the call where Jon Haworth was actually caught red handed:

Jonny starts off almost reasonable and polite and even gives his name ...but then he looses it:

"..... Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha [crazed effeminate laughter]

You're all over Facebook !
... WE'RE going to FUCK you ! [repeated]"

etc. etc...... [more crazed laughter]

Victim asks why and receives thinly veiled threats and then direct DEATH THREATS against his family.

Now why don't we contact Jonny Goebbels direct and give him the ID's of our wives and children ...... work it out Einstein !

It is easy to laugh at the sad troll but the unfortunate truth is that he does not work alone


Part 2 is yet more revealing, don't you think?

Would you like my phone number Jon ?
We are so looking forward to your VFC interview
.... assuming you don't bottle out LOL

James said...

The above is a deliberate twisting of the truth. On this Faceboon group politics Jersey with free speech you don't have to use you real name at all. I regularly use. Sue Young, James Pearce, Julie Hanning and any others I can think of. hope this helps. Jon.

Anonymous said...

Isn't he connected to this blog?

Anonymous said...

I do not think Jon is reading this stuff tbh.

Fingering the Jersey Nazi Party said...

James @11:47 Ha Ha :-) [Not crazed effeminate laughter]
Don't forget Monty the Manhunter, Shona Thickman, Trevor Skintman and I daresay a few of the other "worthless" alter-egos.

@10:04 Oh bless, we still have a little fan club on here with the inside track on what their Jon is "not" doing LOL

Jon is not necessarily the only poison-pen in the community. He also has a brother who was sacked from the police in one of Lenny Harper's anti corruption clearouts. Something to do with High speck gaming PCs being ordered and then 'misapropriated'. The machines were recovered and the pornography collection erased. Jon's brother may actually have a job and not have interest or opportunity for 24/7 trolling and cyber bullying.

Jon probably still has friends and contacts in the police.

Anonymous said...

The attacks on people from this blog are getting very nasty and cowardly because the person is not using their real name.

Who is the coward writing all this angry stuff and why?

Anonymous said...

For the last time, contact Jon on Facebook and ask him directly. It seems to be very hypocritical for people to accuse others of hiding behind anonymous cloaks whilst doing the same themselves!

Anonymous said...

"I don't think Jon will be reading this stuff tbh"? I think you must be mistaken. As Jon has clearly written the comment he clearly must be reading it. Really, what a loser.

Anonymous said...

Some of these comments seeking to defend the troll smack to me of the sort of chap who might make his wife go out to work while he sits at home drinking and trolling?

Anonymous said...

The last comment has Ian Evans written all over it.

TJW don't let this great blog run into the gutter with tosh about Nazis.

Anonymous said...

Last comment written by Jon himself. Jon is obsessed with Ian Evans. Around Christmas 2012 Mr Evans had to contact the police because the drunken troll had phoned up to threaten he was coming around to kill him. And to think Jonny Troll complains to the police about Mr Evans!

Anonymous said...

I would say Ian Evans is 100 x more interested in Jon than Jon is of him. Death threats lol, Ian Evans has insulted so many people online with his blog that's all his life is!
I have never read such a sad outlook of life and hatred of people. Even the JEP felt sorry for him.

Anonymous said...

Speak to Jay Foster down the Daily Globe if you want to now the truth about Ian Evans.
He barred him.

Anonymous said...

Fingering the Jersey Nazi Party
@8:42 "if you want to now the truth about Ian Evans ... ask my mate Jay the pub landlord"
(isn't there a BBC comedy based on this?)

Is that where the party meets and plots? Well it's bums on seats and a pub can't be too choosy nowadays LOL

Mr. Evans, sorry IAN Evans, can be quite an abrasive character but unlike many here he does have a good heart. (sadly not in the biological sense -good luck Ian.)

Ian is clearly a highly intelligent man but has been seduced by some rather outlandish conspiracy theories [imo] such as "chemtrails". (Ian -not the time or place to respond please)

However he has been proved right in a few of his assertions about "big pharma"

Ian -for his faults -is a very brave man and has made some outstanding contributions to this island and has asked some questions which so need asking.

Time for some more links do you think ;-) ?....

voiceforchildren said...


Women in Politics and STATE RADIO.

The living legacy of Ian Evans #1 said...

Clicking on the name/title above should take you to the hyperlink

Be prepared for Ian's abrasive style of fighting fire with fire.

Let's get the trivia out of the way first.Ian occasionally gives the trolls the attention which they so crave:


Sorry it is a bit long. You can just give it a skim and then skip to the comments.

In the main body of thepost it says:
As requested I have selected a handful (20) "Troll comments" that have NOT been published on VFC. I have chosen some of the less offensive comments to submit to your Blog as some will be too harmful to Abuse Survivors and many others not to mention libelous, defamatory and outright untruths. To put into context there are 813 comments deemed not fit for publication on VFC and I did not read them all while getting these 20 together but just chose the shorter, easier to read, and understandable ones.

The kind of thing I have seen posted to childhood abuse survivors by the paedophile trolling movement is:

"Too bad u weren't raped to death, u low-IQ misandrist imbecile."

No doubt there is worse and some which results in suicide.
Lovely people in lovely company!

The living legacy of Ian Evans #2 said...

Speaking of bad company:

Paedophile Jersey Policeman - Not To Be Classed As A Paedophile!!!!

The culture of bullying and perversion tolerated by some in Jersey's Police

"Roy Charles Gallichan admitted taking three indecent photographs [+videos?] of a child etc. etc."

Comment April 28, 2011
"Yes, this was the cop involved with the drugs drop which Lenny Harper spoke about on Stuart's blog. He was also the one who supplied his girlfriend (also a police officer) with drugs, and who had sex with his girlfriend on his setee at home, videoed it, and left the video for his wife to see. He then joined forces with the ginger cop, Sara Ferguson, Colin Egre, and Dick Shenton, to try and discredit what LH [Lenny Harper] and his team were doing."

Some good people may have been duped into joining in by misinformation or under misguided notions of island nationalism etc.

The living legacy of Ian Evans #3 said...


"It is claimed two people, [Anne Pryke and] a person facing [major and multiple] allegations linked to abuse, attempted to cross a police cordon at Haut de la Garenne to try and remove evidence."

Perhaps there is an explanation of how Anne Pryke (and others) came to be promoted far beyond her ability?

Anonymous said...

After Ian Evans called a current States member a helper of paedophiles without any evidence apart from the say-so of an ex senator, he's not that intelligent. More of a bully than anything else and Jay Foster had him recorded on close circuit TV threatening Police officers with a broken bottle, for which he went to prison for amongst other things. About time somebody returned the compliments and did a blog on him because some of his supporters obviously know nothing about his background.

Fingering the Jersey Nazi Party said...

@Anonymous 4:37
Which particular "helper of paedophiles" are you referring to?
The island's list is depressingly long with so many functions being infiltrated or controlled and maybe otherwise good people co-opted under threat of loss of their career and livelihood in true Jersey-Whistleblower fashion?

Is Anne Pryke a "helper of paedophiles" or is she just unfit to have responsibility for

It is common knowledge that Ian has (rightly or wrongly) gone to prison.
Ian certainly has a poor view of some police officers. He can defend his behaviour or provide additional details if he wishes. Certainly most people would not take "threatening Police officers" lightly. I believe Ian has had several altercations with police officers.

It is vital to a functioning society that the police are free from corruption and criminality and properly overseen by a properly independent, non conflicted and accountable authority.
Historically it appears that the police and authorities have not done very well detecting or preventing decades of the most appalling abuse and it appears that the situation on the island now is not much better:

(toddler witness oral-sex saga video ! ....no cause for concern here!!)

...at the start of the last of six BBC audios stored for prosperity by TJW above, ANNE PRYKE can be heard stonewalling on this very subject !!!!
and Deputy Higgins is left nearly speechless by her ignorant lack of concern.

This new supposedly "independent" police authority appears as independent as EX Jurat Le Breton:


The Ogier Group ...now AKA the Jersey Police Authority
"We deliver a flexible and understanding client-based approach to providing policing, prosecution and judiciary services" PMSL
(sorry for the delay in finding the link; freespeechoffshore was offline last night, presumably due to another cyber attack)

To be fair to the police most of their officers are likely predominantly good and honest and many of their historic failings may be as a result of the culture imposed on them from above. The main fault being with the crown officers who would in many cases refuse to prosecute whatever the evidence so better to tell the victim to go away and forget about it rather than risk trouble.

I don't think anyone has claimed Ian Evans to be an angel. In spite of their considerable shortcomings It is difficult to see circumstances in which resisting police officers is a wise move. Most officers are just doing their job to the best of their ability though there are certainly some bad apples and officers who are members of the nazi/paedo party or criminal fraternity:


There are worse offenders -but at least some of this dead and thoroughly rotten wood was cut out during the anti-corruption clearout partially completed by officers Harper and Power before their replacement by "team player" political-career-cops.
With the illegal hijack of the police it is perhaps difficult for people like Ian to see them as anything other than a private security company.

Fingering the Jersey Nazi Party some more said...

Policing is a difficult job, sometimes in very difficult circumstances. Ian makes multiple claims of police brutality on his blog, which may or may not be accurate and full descriptions of events. All police forces are bound to include a few unsavoury characters who are unfit or there for the wrong reasons. The honoraries are particularly at risk from "bad apples" and misfits simply because they are so desperate for volunteers (remember paedophile Roger Holland etc.and the Boschat saga "letters to Lenny")

Because of the near absolute power the police are able to wield (even to the point of shooting you dead) it is vital that they are fit and able people and are genuinely there to protect the public, not just their friends, management, political establishment masters ....or even the "reputation" of the island.

The rotten staff who were identified and cleared out by officers Harper and Power then seemed to take a very active campaigning and PR role in supporting Police Chief Power's (illegal?) suspension and pulling the wool over the eyes of the public in unison with establishment entities such as the JEP. And of generally trying to belittle and intimidate:


Why so many should apparently want to attack the police management who were trying to root out corruption and were engaged in investigating DECADES of previously un-investigated child abuse is anyone's guess.
In some cases it will be the obvious. In other cases it may be more complex:


"On 23rd October 2003 they were arrested at work on suspicion of offences of dishonesty in relation to the misappropriation of computer equipment belonging to the States Police. The next day they were suspended from their employment whilst enquiries into alleged disciplinary offences were carried out. Accordingly there have been two enquiries in train; one criminal, the other disciplinary. "

I don't know hat the outcome of the criminal investigation was but I gather that Jon Haworth's brother was amongst those who lost their police jobs.

No doubt he still has friends and associates amongst the police but Jon etc. may have motivations other than just wanting to keep child abuse covered up.

Fingering the Jersey Nazi Party said...

Enough of Ian's lowlights

A commenter above is suggesting doing a blog on Ian. I'm sure Ian can take it and give as good as he gets.

These renewed threats to Ian may be part of a concerted campaign against bloggers now that the CoI into child abuse is underway.

Rico Sorda is currently under attack with similar (but probably empty) threats:




and no doubt numerous unpublished

Rico Sorda seems a thoroughly nice person and apparently recently got married. He has calmly put up with years of abuse and threat but appears to be loosing some of his trademark cool now that his poor wife is suffering sustained attack because of his work.
Perhaps in the fullness of time we will get to know the details.


If this island gives in to corruption, then the society itself becomes corrupt.

For his faults Ian is a major player with his blog now having achieved over 1.12million hits (far more than the paedophile cover up blogs)

Time for some more of Ian's highlights I think .........?

The living legacy of Ian Evans #4 said...

Strange how some guys get all the luck ..........
and some guys don't !!!!


Dita's businessman stepfather (Artis Zandmanis) had been trying to find out the details of the accident and how his stepdaughter died, and perhaps the significance and connections behind the identity of the mysterious driver. The foreign family was left high and dry at the inquest.

There are rumours that Dita's stepfather has recently been stabbed to death. We hope that these rumours are not true.

Anonymous said...

Until "Fingering the Jersey Nazi Party" tells who he really is he is and shows TF he is no different to any other troll.

Fingering the Jersey Nazi Party said...

Anonymous @9:40pm
Yet another anonymous comment criticising others for not giving their names and making accusations of trolling .........oh THE IRONY !!!!!! lol

Why would it be so important to you who OTHER commenters are? Who someone is does not objectively affect the truth or relevance of what they are saying.

The obvious explanation for this fascination with commenter's identities is that they or their families can be victimised and threatened.
A well honed Jersey Nazi Party technique.
Time to listen to that audio again at

The cack-handed caller is not blind drunk. He knows exactly what he is saying and even uses big words like "castigated". [I have been castigated on the Health Minister's blog]
De didn't say "libelled" or "falsely accused" as you might expect from an innocent injured party, he said "castigated", meaning "reprimanded" or "told off" for his actions...... for doing his "duty"?


Sadly not the only Jersey Nazi Party member.