Monday, 24 November 2008


I've voted since i was 18, But not been very vocal apart from asking questions at hustings.

But for the past few years I've noticed a lot of things happening that have been having an impact on my Life & on others. Polices Fast tracked through the states never mined about the people of jersey.

eg (GST, 20 means 20,) Lots more for later.

I got to here about Blogging 3 months ago & could not believe wot people were saying on them.

I would leave comment's on them, have my say fore & against, I started talking to people about Blogging & Thought lets have a go. so here l am.

I'm no computer nerd & I've not got any O levels, but I've got my own mind and I will speak out on subjects of political matters, I hope you will give me time to get my head around this Blogging.

I've got a open mind about most things & Big & Ugly enough to take criticism (hope not to much).

Go easy on me.! But I would love some Fead back.


voiceforchildren said...


Good to see another Blogger on the scene. Blogging can seem a bit daunting to begin with, learning your way round etc.

I too am no computer nerd, indeed I know next to nothing about computers but have been left no other option other than to Blog.

If there is anything I can do to help you please don't hesitate to ask. I have recieved some good help from fellow Bloggers who, on the whole are very supportive.

I see you have my Blog as a link on here for which I thank you and will return the favour by putting you on mine.

thejerseyway said...

Thank you for your welcome, I will definitely need some help & support writing a Blog.
I've been reading your Blog for 3 Months now & I have left a few comments on your site, under a Name.
I'm behind you 100% on how bad the eduction system works for our children. I have a little girl so i hope it improves 100% by the time she goes into the system. You have to keep going, its a long road.

Mark Forskitt said...

Well done on your first steps in the blogosphere. I'm sure you will find plenty locally that needs commenting on.

Mark Forskitt said...

Sine you asked nicely, I have added you to the last free space on my links list on my other, much more visited site, here:

Also I have forwarded you address to crapaudverload where there is a list of just about every Jersey blog. That shoud get you a few more visitors.

ratleskutle said...

i look forward to reading your blog. i too am not a computer nerd, perhaps just a nerd, lol.