Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Post Elections.

Well didn't the JDA do well. I bet old Southern's jumping up & down, Shouting F--k Off Ozouf again in the street. I just hope the T.V. are not around like last time.

Well Done to Montfort Tadier. He sounded good at the Senators elections, I went to the St Brelade No 2 Hustings & he was best out of that lot. He came across as very bright & informed.

Didn't you do well getting old Deputy Guy de Faye out. Brilliant, So shaving his beard off didn't fool you. What will he do now, go & say sorry to Puffin. !!! May be he could be a Bus driver, He could work at that STINKING GREEN WASTE SITE that he said doesn't smell. !!! He could go and work at the sewage plant.!!! But he'll probably end up as MD of our new Incinerator Plant. !!!! God Help US.

Anne Dupre I hope will be as strong as Baudain was.

Very well done to Jeremy Macon, Tracey Vallois, Trevor Pitman, Mike Higgins, Andrew Green, Deddie de Sousa, Judy Martin, Daniel Winderley, Phil Rondel & Edward Noel.

Now your work begins, It will be very hard for you at the start, to fight against the Jersey Establishment. But you have a good chance in numbers to fight against The Jersey Way & Old Boy Network. Be Strong.

I wonder how little Miss Katy Ringsdore is taken the rejection. OK she got 387 votes but how many of those votes were Ozouf's chum's.

I bet the father of the house Senator Stuart Syvret's not happy with old Deputy Rob Duhamel getting in, Topping the pole no less. (Boring Git).

Now we need Roy Le Herissier to put his Hat in the ring for Chief Minister. WE CAN'T BE HAVING SENATOR TERRY LE SUEUR . With that Voice & looks he should be in Doctor who.

Can you guess who he looks like to me.!!!

We will never be taken seriously again.

Was listening to the radio coverage last night & was thinking. Thank goodness Old Deputy Peter (did you know I'm in Mensa) Troy Had given up. (Useless Git).

That will do for now.


voiceforchildren said...

The electorate have spoken and they don't want "more of the same" The tide is turning and it's not looking good for the establishment.

Many battles have been fought and lost to get progressives into the states, this we can take as a small victory and a huge step closer to winning the war.

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One Day said...

I ve heard on the great Jersey grapevine that the parent company of connex is also the same parent company as the one constructing the incinerator - perhaps someone has received a retirement payment LOL:)

thejerseyway said...

If thats true The Jersey Way is working well & good, Job's for the Boy's. There is nothing wrong with taking on some one whos done you a favour or two.

You couldn't make it up.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Wait until they lose their seats for cheating in the postal votes.
If one of their members has broken the law they must all go.


thejerseyway said...
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