Thursday, 4 December 2008


Does it seem strange that the Home Affairs Minister can Suspend the Chief of Police because his under investigation for his handling of the haute de la Garenne Investigation.

But he CAN'T Suspend a Chief Executive Officer of an Education Department, who the police have formally declared to be under serious investigation for child abuse.

It does not seem to add up to me at all & one name that seams to come up all the time is Chief Executive Bill Ogley. Is this man the real person that's running the Island.

Or am I missing something here.

Question. !! What was the real reason for the former Home Affair's Minister, Senator Kinnard to resign, then for Chief Minister Senator Walker to appoint an out going Depute to the top Job.

Depute Lewis wont be around no more, so he's been used.

I wonder If it's all getting a bit to complicated & cracks are appearing, With email's getting leaked Left, Right & Centre out of our political offices. Like never before , what are we going to find out next. Can't wait.

Something is going on with our Senator Syvret, I Don't think his feeling to well at this moment in time, far to Happy in his Blog & it would of fitted on a Post card.

Hope you get better soon Stuart

Something not right or is Justice coming for Christmas.


Anonymous said...

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no 's needed :-)

thejerseyway said...

Well that's the Jersey Education system for you.
I have said before that I may need help.

Anonymous said...

Thejerseyway You know you are doing something right when people come on to your site and leave personal attacks for you. Keep it up they are just trying to intimidate you in the hope you will stop Blogging. I am a regular reader of Blogs but make a point of only commenting very rarely. I thought i must come on here to give you some support and will you to carry on. I'll most likely not leave any more comments I just wanted you to know just because people aren't leaving comments doesn't mean your Blog is not being read and don't give into those trying to intimidate you into silence.

Anonymous said...

Keep on blogging. If more people like yourself will speak the truth, there will be still others who finally work up the courage to do the same. Expect attacks. Brush them off. You are doing the right thing. You make very good points and very good sense.

One Day said...

Something is not right over here and i am in the hope that justice will come for Christmas for many people x (well i live in hope)

Anonymous said...


Just to say I really enjoyed reading your blog. You are very succinct and I couldn't agree with you more.

Thank you and well done,

Forever Hopeful

Anonymous said...

Are you still around?

thejerseyway said...

Yes I'm still around.
Needed some time out lost someone in the family.
Blog again soon.
Thanks for your concern.

One Day said...

I'm sorry to hear of your loss, my thoughts are with you.

thejerseyway said...

Thank you all, for your kind comments.
Will Blog about this soon.

voiceforchildren said...


I am sorry to hear of your loss. Look forward to reading your next entry.