Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Whistle Blowers.

After hearing Simon Bellwood on the radio this morning, I couldn't but think what is the point of whistle blowing.

With the Senator Ben Shenton saying the Grand Prix system was not being used & his the Health Minister. Then you've got Sacked employee, turned Whistle Blower saying it did. One word against the other. In court the Minister would be believed.

Apart from Senator Syvret there isn't anyone coming out & backing his claims. ie fellow work colleagues. So his on his own, Against the States.

Simon has said that his got the evidence but the Chief Minister won't look at it, even thou he said on Radio Jersey that anyone with evidence should get in touch & show him.

Why isn't there anyone backing him up from Green Fields. Well they don't want to lose there Jobs, do they.

But I can't under stand why all our Politicians are going with with the Minister's stance & denies it . Why would anyone want to cover up Child Abuse, unless it goes so deep they will bring down the Government & discredit the Old Boy Network that works so well.

Something is so Very Bad.

Now we've got some new States members in the House, will there be a change of attitude. If Senator Le Sueur gets to be Chief Minister, I don't think we've got a chance, but if Senator-elect Alan Brecken gets in & that's a Big If. We may just get that change.

But I won't hold my breath on that one.

The new States members have got some hard sole searching to do. Jeremy Macon is going to have to toughen up with out his Mum on board. How has tonight's news made him look like. He has to have his own mind , the people of St Saviour voted him in not his Mum.

Is He To Young.!!!!

Going back to Simon Bellwood & all this evidence his got, what does he think those two new Yes Men at our Police Station are going to do with it, file it in the bin properly.

Senator Syvret & Simon Bellwood need other States members 100% behind them, they need another Colleague from the Home to give evidence & the Police to be indipendent & not be run by the States. For Justice to be done. But can you see all that happening.

The Jersey Way will Win , which is not good for Jersey.

We Need Justice not cover ups.


Anonymous said...

TJW. You're right staff from greenfields should be coming out and supporting simon bellwood therefore supporting the children. to my mind they are cowards.

One Day said...

Yes I agree, more social workers should come forward - children should come above their job. At the end of the day its just a job, but a child's life is priceless.

ratleskutle said...

You ask "What is the point of whistleblowing?".
Well, it is very effective. Simon Bellwood's actions have ensured that children will not be locked up in solitary confinement in Jersey. It does seem that there is a desire to re-instate the old regime but as long as there are people like Simon and Stuart making a fuss and getting media attention, then children are much less likely to experience abusive regimes.
The problem is that whistle blowing is not done often enough because the person who does it becomes an outcast and is either sacked or has to leave.
I agree that others who worked in Greenfields should say something, but perhaps they need to keep their jobs.
I myself was a whistleblower (about 15 years ago). I had to leave my job as I would have been hated. The organisation I worked for allowed vulnerable people to be treated cruelly. Due to my complaints there was an overhaul and training given to staff and one person was sacked. The result was abusiove phone calls to me and the loss of a job. But it was effective in stopping the casual acceptance of cruelty. And that is the point of whistleblowing.