Monday, 26 January 2009

Enemy of the State

Bill Ogley.

I've Blogged About him & the suspension of the Chief of Police before.

I said is it all getting a bit to complicated & are the cracks appearing.

Well I think they are, when Mr Harper gets asked for his case note books & even his leaving cards, to be used for evidence against him & that they are relevant to the case.

So why is it that notes that were taken at the meeting to which they suspended the chief of police were deemed not relevant & were shredded by the person that rote them Bill & this act is deemed OK.

One rule for one & all that springs to mind. He was the one who took down the back drop at that press conference, when Senator Syvret wanted to have he's say. So he can over rule a Senator.

So why does our elected politicians or the majority of them vote against a internal inquiry into what this person has done, what is there to hide, if there's nothing to hide whats the problem.

Why was it deemed necessary to shred his notes , OK it was all written up afterwards but may be something is missed out, so you could of gone back to your notes. Everyone at school had notebooks to cross check.

It just does not add up. What are they hiding there must be something.

This person Bill Ogley must be the most powerful person in this Island. He's above the law, got the majority of our politicians behind him. Why are our Top Executive Officer's untouchable.

All the newly elected Deputies, Senator's & Constable's said we need change. But it does not sound as if anything is changing does it. As long as the Minister's, there assistant Minister's & all those Brown Nose half Witt's which make up the Establishment party are aloud to get away with wot they want we haven't got a chance.

We still don't know the real reason for Senator Kinnard resigning do we. That would be interesting reading of the notes that would of been taken down at that meeting. O of course they would of been shredded is well. That's States policy isn't it now. Notes not relevant.

For Jersey to be cleaned up of all spin & skannels I think our enemy of the state needs to be suspended & an internal inquiry started into all his actions over the years he's been employed as Chief Executive Officer. while his in charge of Jersey's going's on we can't move on in the right direction.


voiceforchildren said...


Good to see you Blogging again and I can only echo your points.

Unfortunately Bill Ogley, like all civil servants, is not answerable to the electorate - or anybody, it would appear.

I'm so sorry to say this is just more of the ever so familiar stench of "the jersey way".

We do have some good States members in the house and after the next election, I would like to think they'll hold the majority vote.

Change is coming to this island, it's up to our establishment to accept this graciously or have it forced upon them, either way it's coming!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with all you have said. It is time that the senior civil servants were held accountable for THEIR actions and incompetence apart from the numerous other allegations against them.

They are paid high salaries at the tax payers expense but seem to be above redress. WHY? Who is pulling the strings? I can guess and I am sure I will be right. As for those senators who voted against an enquiry I suggest they read, digest and learn grievance procedures as laid down by Jersey ACAS.

One Day said...

Nice to see you back!

I totally agree with all you say - no-one should be above the law. Now I am not saying a person can't make mistakes, but if a person does they should hold their hands up and face the consequences. I think they are now heading for a situation that they have spun so many webs that they are not going to able to pass through without getting trapped in one of them soon!