Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Car Parks

We don't have enough car parking in town, but to build one at Ann Court I think would be a mistake.

It was ideal for the over 55s, there must be a better site. The congestion at Bath Street is bad enough now let alone with more cars heading that way.

Yes the town does need a park at Gas Place, but why do we need a 800 space car park at Ann Court.

Why not knock down old St James Church which is a money pit, how long has that scaffold been up now doing nothing ?. That could be one site for a small car park.

There could be one at the Police Station/Fire Station. They want to move. The old Sommerfield Site.

If they Started the process to Pipe our Gas in they could move the gas company out of town, then we would get rid of that danger. we could have one there.

There must be loads of sites around the outskirts of Town that would be better then one Massive 800 space one in a built up area.

Couldn't Green Street car park be added to, what about Snow Hill car park why not add on there.

They could make Ann Court Lovely for the over 55s. That about knocking down those ware houses opposite & adding some character to the area. They are going to build posh Flats at that Church that burnt down, they will love a 800 Space car park next door I don't thing .

The old Ann Street brewery is going so there will be more Flats next to a 800 space car park.

These people we elected into OUR States Building just haven't got a clue they live out of town, Drive in straight in to there parking space, Press a couple of those buttons, mess peoples lives up, then go home. Job Done ?.

They should live next to a car park for a while, then they would move all car parks out of town.

All these decisions just seem to happen without any thought of the people of Jersey who live in the areas that they decide to but things like Car parks, Incinerator, compose sites & steam clocks. Its scandalous how they go about there business.

They need to go back to the drawing board on this one.

I think they should get quite a few of those old drawing boards out again. Don't You.


voiceforchildren said...


Dandara have been given planning permission for, I believe, 96 residential units at the Rex Hotel site on St Saviorst Rd.

The whole site will only have, I believe, 43 car parking spaces. Wouldn't it be convenient for Dandara if a multi-story car park was built just down the road?

Do I hear the rustle of brown envelopes? or is this just antother coincidence?

thejerseyway said...

Thank you for your comment.

I heard that yesterday on the phone in, I am finding it very interesting that we have only got to know about this thought someone in the public, not from our local media. But a radio phone in.

She said she wants to down size but wants parking & told there was no parking left.

So it is very handy that the States want to spent £30 Million on a car park down the road.

Yes that's right Senator Breckon said it will cost £30 Million!!!.
WOW what a lot of money for a car park.

You just couldn't make it up.

The Health Service up Sh*t street & the States want to send £30 Million on a BLOODY CAR PARK.

Anonymous said...

A shortage of beds at the General, it’s beginning to look like an N H S hospital.
How many operations are going to be cancelled on tomorrows list due to this scandal. This is a daily occurrence bad management. Polard has to go.
The money for Ann Court should go to the hospital before we have a revolt.
The hard working staff is at breaking point.

One Day said...

VFC - they don't use brown envelopes anymore they've turned to using transparent ones!

In the present economic climate I can't understand why they want to knock down Minden Place car park and build one down the road - there must be some other reason behind the plan.