Monday, 16 March 2009

Perchard v Syvret. Who do you Believe

As being one of those sad people that do listen to the States on the radio, as i do tend to enjoy it for a good old laugh.

So haven listened to the goings on for many year's, you do tend to switch off sometimes when certain people get on there high horse & go into one.

So when old Syvret got up & spouted out a load of foul language, I couldn't believe my ears, so when I got over the shock I got off the floor & stopped laughing. I thought I should of taped that you will never hear that again. Absolutely price less.

I didn't know what to believe at first, but I did know there's no love lost between them. To start thinking that a Senator would say those kind of things, its just not cricket Jim as we know it.

Then there's that letter he sent in to the JEP, about cyber bullying & he will stand up against it. So why is he telling someone in the States while they are going thought the days business, "to go & Kill Your Self".

Isn't that some form of Bullying in its self. I did think old Senator Syvret must be losing the plot or something. But then why would he come out with something like that, did it happen. I would of loved to of seen Perchard's face when he came out with it, it must of been a picture.

So that was that no more was said on the matter. Then Senator Syvret told us the story on his Blog, with him telling us other times that Senator Perchard has lost the plot "with a drink in him" & telling him "to go & slit his wrists". An out burst at the town hall & one at last years Battle of Flowers against some woman. All with Drink.

Well after reading these stories who do you believe, I think its Senator Syvret to be honest. It sounds to me that Senator Perchard may have a problem with the drink. Well he is an old Farmer after all, to much cider or is it the calverdos.

He has admitted on radio that he did swear to Senator Syvret. So that's O.K. !! "No more questions on the subject please Its under the carpet now & it was only Stuart". Talk Back more like No Talk just waffle Show.

The more people you ask the more stories of him swearing & arguing come out. So it seems to be normal protocol for him. He doesn't seem to be able to handle himself in the manner that's right for a elected States man.

But he's our Health Minister for heaven's sake, What is going on. Did he lose it with the British Government's Minister in a meeting & they wont deal with him anymore, so we loses your health agreement with England !!. WE will nether know will we.

How can we have a Health Minister who may have a drink problem, I remember 31/2 years ago when Senator Walker was picking hes Minister's , Deputy Read tried to go for Health & he was laughed out of that position because he Smocked.

So Senator Perchard must go. I'm glad I didn't vote for him but I'm stuck with him as my Health Minister Who's a lose cannon, When will he go off next.!!! He's to much of a risk. He should of stuck to Farming.

Ow & how does it go down with Doctor of Health Rosemary Geller who Say's there's a drink culture in jersey & we should all stop drinking & her Minister is at it good style making a fool of himself, The Government & The Island. Life Enriching indeed.


thejerseyway said...

[edit] Usage notesThe second meaning of refute (to deny the truth of) is proscribed as erroneous by some (cf Merriam Webster,1994). An alternative term with such a meaning is repudiate, which means to reject or refuse to acknowledge, but without the implication of justification. However, this distinction does not exist in the original Latin refūtō (“‘oppose, resist, rebut’”), which can apply to both senses.

Anonymous said...

Bullies in cyberspace

Letter in The Rag 28.02.09
From Senator Jim Perchard.

WE live in an internet age. Communicating to people around the world is a matter of a few clicks of the mouse.

However, if you look at this internet age from a different point of view, you will realise that it has in fact bred some illegal and unethical practices.

While some use the internet for gaining information, others use it for destruction of sensitive data, or for demeaning and abusing individuals or organisations. While some use the web as a communication platform, others use it for and derive pleasure from intruding in the internet privacy of individuals and seek enjoyment from cyber-bullying.

Cyber-bullying and internet abuse is a growing and serious concern. The remoteness, even anonymity, provided by the internet encourages many users to behave with a boldness they would not otherwise display in any face-to-face encounters.

It is widely claimed that adult bullies are unable to cope with their own lives and problems and that they are easily intimidated and have strong feelings of jealousy and inadequacy.

They are thought to be desperate to receive attention, which they probably don’t receive at home or in relationships. I have noticed that they continually seek to discredit those in authority, particularly those who are influential, knowledgeable, capable and successful.

Even though many of them will understand when they have behaved wrongly, they still wish to appear as though they are morally superior. Strangely, they insist that others have attacked them and that they are the victims. It seems to me that they seek to lead and manipulate an unsuspecting group of their virtual friends to bandwagon, or gang up on, a target and try to gain attention for themselves by any means possible, usually through humiliating their target.

It is true that occasionally they can appear plausible, by introducing a cocktail of fact and fiction, but I am convinced that cyber-bullies are always vindictive and manipulative liars. They often, in an attempt to justify their behaviour, threaten their target with referral to a higher authority, e.g. the law, the UK Ministry of Justice, even the European courts, imagining that such authorities would be interested in the detail behind their vindictive tirade of abuse and bullying.

It seems that they are unable to internalise their own behaviours and become angry and unreasonable if someone attempts to point out how they were wrong or how their behaviour was unacceptable.

Cyber-bullies, like all bullies, will eventually prey on those closest to them in order to resist entering into permanent and lasting friendships. This is because they are mentally disturbed people who are incapable of having meaningful relationships. It is symptomatic that they find solace and power alone in their virtual world in front of their computer screens.

We as a society are learning about cyber-bullying at great personal and emotional cost to the many victims and their families. I hope that it will not be long before we establish acceptable boundaries in respect of the rights to freedom of expression, balanced against the rights to security and privacy of the individual.

I have given very careful consideration to the content of this letter, as I know it will provoke a hostile reaction in my direction, from cyber-bullies and internet abusers, those who believe it is their right to publish on the internet defamatory and hostile untruths about others. I for one am prepared to stand up to these bullies. I shall not be intimidated by them.

Jimmy Perchard

Le Perchoir,
Rue de la Vignette,
St Martin.

thejerseyway said...

I Refute your allegation.

One Day said...

You will find that if you ask certain State's Members uncomfortable questions they quite often reply with I refute .... The word must be in their handbook somewhere.

thejerseyway said...

Thank you One day for your comment,Yes it does seem that they all us it at some time or another.
You hear it allot on T.V. news programs, there must be allot of lieing going on.
Well we know there is over here.

Anonymous said...

No contest! - I believe Perchard is a foul mouthed, bad tempered LIAR!!