Monday, 6 December 2010

Statement From our Great Chief Minister.

This was a bit of a surprise but did it go far enough !

What do you think ?


Anonymous said...

TLS told it like it was - i.e. he read the script (badly) and with all the sincerity of a turkey wishing everyone a Happy Christmas and Healthy New Year!
No - not nearly far enough and with absolutely no compassion.
Just keeping up appearances - well, he had to say something, didn't he ....

voiceforchildren said...


Thank you for publishing the Civil Servant's, scribbled together, excuse of an apology. Delivered by a shinning example of some-one who is clearly paid from the neck down.

Deputy Shona Pitman asked a very poigniant question yesterday and I was hoping you could publish it?

The question.

“Following the naming of a senior Civil Servant from the Education, Sport and Culture Department in court by alleged victims within the current historic abuse proceedings, will the Minister give members and parents assurances that the matter has been fully investigated by his department?”

After e-mailing Deputy Reed, the Education Minister, on numerous occassions and not even received an acknowledgement from him, let alone a reply, I am forced to having to "doorstep" him. It would be helpful if I knew what he did, or didn't say in his answer to Deputy Pitman's question. Although I did listen to his reply in the States, I just need to be 100% sure before I doorstep him.

Anonymous said...

Has the named Senior civil servant been investigated by the police?

Page 6 in tonights JEP it would appear he was investigated and a conclusion reached.