Saturday, 19 February 2011

£26,000.00 per MONTH !!! What is going on.

In these times when we are all been made to cut back on everything, do you thing it is right that our Minister for Health should be so at ease in the justification of paying a The Director of the Hospital £26,000.00 a Month.

We could have 10 more Staff Nurses for that amount. Is there anyone anywhere in the World that is worth that money in a States sector of Government ?

In our Only dally paper it say’s “ Fury at Hospital chief’s pay deal”. So that will be the end of this Story, I say that because that is what happens over here, the Head line has been made, The peasants will of forgotten by Monday. So they wont ask any more question’s about it. I hope I’m wrong because this is big.

We need to be told what he has done so far & not with spin. With all that is going on at the moment we could be forgiven if we do forget about this one, but I wont. Because that Hospital in my opinion is not up to the job.

You can Listen to the Minister giving her answer Here.


voiceforchildren said...


Ann Pryke is being exposed for the weak, out of her depth, out of touch with the public and Establishment Lackey that she is.

This could/should be her last term as a politician.

Ian Evans said...

Utter Madness!!!