Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Here are the 3 Audio recording's from today. I can not workout how Deputy Power is not going to be Prosecuted!
Now that is 3 States Members that have been found guilty of Data Protection, but only One has been Charged. One rule for Stuart Syvret & one for the rest of them.

This is the Interview of Deputy Power by Roger Bara.

This is the Statement from our Great Leader.

This is the Statement from Deputy Power.


Anonymous said...

Really been kissing that Blarney Stone.
What a farce he hs made to try and cover his tracks.
Sounds like there is more to this than meets the eye.
Will the Canaary sing is the next question?

Zoompad said...

Mt Power,

What you did was wicked. You talk about your health, but what you did not only affected Mr Syvret's health, it also caused great distress to the abuse survivors he has been helping.

Because of what you did, not only was Mr Syvret viciously attacked on that awful Farce blog, but so was Deputy Labey, and other people.

What really shocks me is your self pity. Are you really expecting people to feel sorry for you? I actually do feel some pity for you though, because obviously you are so frightened and cowed by the big bullies that have offered you up as a scapegoat for the whole sordid affair that you are in a big panic.

I am going to say something which will probably surprise you a great deal. I am going to the anti child abuse rally in Trafalger Square, London on 4th June 2011 and I am inviting you to come. You come to that rally Mr Power, and meet some of the abuse victims face to face. I don't know if Mr Syvret will be there, but you won't be able to miss me, as I will be wearing a big yellow dress and a massive cross. You come to that rally, and you repent to the Lord for the wickedness you have done and I will lay hands on you and ask the Lord to bless you and give you some of the courage and goodness that so many of the people who have survived the abuse at Haut de la Garenne have got, and you can make your peace with any of them who recognise you. You will discover what decent and lovely people you and your Farce pals have been persecuting, you will feel so sorry and ashamed, but you will go home from that rally a better and wiser man, I guarentee it.

Anonymous said...

I think you need to download a new sound recording programme. It sounds, no pun, like you are recording direct from the radio in the bath! There are plenty on the file sharing sites with their cracks. Nevertheless, well done for posting sound for us to consider; it takes a lot of hard work to record and edit.

“Illicit relationships with young teenagers” – sounds great. Should I apply for the post of Foreign Minister and get an Italian visa?

“There is a lot more going on behind the scenes that we don’t know….” Absolutely true, so watch your internet and phones. It’s not a question of if, but who. Also, watch who does the counting and addition.

The Parish of St Brelade has taken a hit. It is dented. Then resign.

Well done Power for having exposed the Syvret as bully. That a least can be you lasting political contributinon. I hope his supporters can cope with such heretical thoughts. The Grouville lambkin comes over as a dopey mare and what business is it anyway of the little “Sparaa” (Воробей).

Who will carry on the “housing transformation programme”. This sounds like Mao’s Great Leap Forward. The state has entirely abdicated its responsibility to house the population. Ozouf and Co will begin the Great-Sell-Off to their wealthy mates; the poor Jersey folk can then emigrate (like the Irish did) to St Malo and commute from there.

voiceforchildren said...


Let's hope Deputy Power takes you up on your kind invitation.

TJW. Thank you for this very important service of recording the mess that is our government.

History will now be much better informed after this exclusive interview with Graham Power QPM

Zoompad said...

Stuart Syvret is not a bully. He was devestated when he and Carolyn split up, they were together 14 years. Its not surprising they split up, with all the persecution and death threats he was getting, it would put a strain on any relationship. That email was private, it's horrible that it has been shown all round here there and everywhere, its a lovers tiff letter, completly personal and nothing to do with politics. People say all sorts of things they dont mean when they are breaking up, they fire words like arrows to pierce the other persons heart, because theirs is broken, and thats what sort of letter that email was, and I bet Carolyn herself knows that. He loved her so much, and all the constant disgusting relentless persecution broke up their relationship, it must have been an absolute nightmare for the pair of them, and even now these same evil black hearted ratbags are poring over that illegally shared email trying to make out that he is a bully, and it makes me sick. Stuart is only in all this mess because he wanted to help people, and that is not the sort of thing that bullies do. None of us child abuse survivors feel intimidated by Stuart at all, he is very gentle and kind to all of us, even when he disagrees with us. He just stands up to the bad people who try to hurt children and vulnerable people, and is very kind to us abuse survivors. That email was a private lovers quarrel, Sean Power didnt steal it to help anyone, he just wanted to muckrake, its vile what he did and he knows it. He's the bully, not Stuart, and he's a coward as well. He ought to say sorry for what he has done, it was vindictive and devious. He hasn't actually said sorry, all he was doing on that recording was trying to make feeble excuses.

Anonymous said...

I was sent a copy of this e-mail today and its shocking reading against the Grouvile Deputy from her ex and there are ironically children mentioned by him.

Sorry Zoompad but this has nothing to do with historic child abuse unless you are giving the ex senator the right to do what he pleases which I sincerely hope not.

Ian Evans said...


Zoompad said...

"Sorry Zoompad but this has nothing to do with historic child abuse "

Oh yes it does! If Stuart Syvret had toed the line and done what was expected of him by all the cowards and criminals in the Senate, and kept his trap shut about child abuse, instead of nagging on and on about it, and embarressing all the guilty ones who battered children and covered it up, that PRIVATE email would never have been written and would never have been stolen either. Stuart and Carolyn went through absolute hell because of the persecution, heaven knows how frightened she must have been, with all those thugs threatening them and making their lives a misery. I understand they are on speaking terms now, thank God, and I am sure that she understands the horrible torment that made him write that email. It is noone elses business what was in that email apart from those two people, it was private correspondence and ought to have remained so.

What happened at Haut de la Garenne was not private, it is everyones business, because little children suffered and died there. I had a bad day yesterday, as there are people trying to force me to go toi near the place I was abused at as a child, and I was writhing round the floor in agony with all pains in my chest and half my face numb, because of the horrible panic attack, brought on by yet more persecution, I thought I had had a stroke, and so although I was abused 40 years ago, I am still suffering the effects of the abuse, and will no doubt continue to suffer, until either the day I die or until some strong arm puts a stop to the horrible persecution, and I have written to my MP, a good man called Bill Cash in the hope that he will do something. Stuart Syvret is also a good MP, or was, until he was cast out of the senate, he listened to his constituents, and the only reason he is in a big mess right now is because he tried his very best to help people. So many people who were abused in that dreadful place have contacted him, and he could have just walked away from all this horrible mess, he does not owe anything to anyone, but he wont, because he is a good kind man and cares about people.

So dont you come the nonsense trying to make out that this has nothing to do with the historic abuse, you are telling a big fat lie.

Zoompad said...

Yes, Mr Power, what about MY health? What about us child abuse survivors health? It took three hours for the doctor to phone me back last night, I gave the receptionist all the symptoms of a stroke, numbed half of my face, slurred speech, breathing difficulties, chest pains, and it took three hours for the doctor to bother to phone back, if it had been a stroke rather than a sever panioc attack I might have been pushing up the daisies today!

Your health Mr Power, I believe all you people drank each others health at Christmastime, no doubt congratulating each other you would not have to listen to Stuart Syvret making a guilt inducing speech about raped, beaten and dead children, about people still with their lives in rags and tatters because of unresolved abuse issues.

You come to that meeting on Mothers Day Mr Power, as I want very much top meet you. In the words of Ralph McTell, I'll show you something that will make you change your mind. You need your mind opening up to the horrible effect institutional abuse has on people. I would like to introduce you to some very brave and wonderful people who are battling to keep a smile on their faces, though their hearts and bodies have been broken. You would, like Ebineezer Sdrooge, go home a changed and better man.