Friday, 11 November 2011

Interview about the Review of Financial Management of Operation Rectangle’.

The Interview with Deputy Pitman & Senator LaMarquand, from yesterday morning on the Radio about the Education and Home Affairs sub-panel review ‘Issues surrounding the Review of Financial Management of Operation Rectangle’.



TheJerseyWay would like to Credit & Thank BBC Radio Jersey for making these recording's posible.


voiceforchildren said...

Ian Le Marquand only acquired Graham Power's statement to Wiltshire in the last month or so? Stephen Baker claims to have had and, read the statement, then he said he hadn't read the statement, but claims to have had it MANY months ago.

The BBC has an "obligation" to broadcast/publish the statement (defence case), they were all over the prosecution case! And they've had hold of it for more than a month?

Anonymous said...

Can you bring up PB on the radio recently saying that he prefers a secret vote. What a creepy person he is.

Anonymous said...

Never heard ILM so sheepish before. I don't think he is expecting to get his job back as HA minister.

Anonymous said...

It came across to me as a fair and even handed interview. Roger gave the impression that their will be more coverage of the report.

Should be interesting to see how the JEP handle it and wether they give it the same coverage that they gave in their negative report on the BDo fondings.

And as for Channel !!!!!!!!!
I wonder if they will dare to interview Pitman?

Anonymous said...

Now it seems to me is the time to approach ITA regarding the CTV award winning programme, but this time armed with the scrutiny report.

Ian Evans said...

Le Marquand is just so full of crap!

voiceforchildren said...


Unhappy Anniversary THREE

Anonymous said...

I am very sceptical if the BBC will do any more on the BDO report. They will just let the time slip by, fill in with stories of the war and hope people will forget.

Mr Le M., why oh why do you still bang on about the skull fragment knowing full well of its collagen content and then also forget (I haven't said 'conveniently' .. ) the quote of "fresh and fleshed bones".

There may be a train of thought whereby people switch off when you open your mouth as you are deemed to be either lying or snoring.

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