Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Two Very different Speeches In COI Debate

First we have a one of the old dinosaurs that should not be in the States Chamber,
 Constable Michel Philip Le Troquer.
What's he got to Hide he was in the Police Force from 1975 to 2003! so right in the thick of it when they were picking up Run Away's & taking them back to get some more! He should not of been aloud to of been involved in this Debate!
Sorry Constable but this Happened in YOUR Parish on YOUR WATCH while YOU Were A COPPER!!!
So just Shut up, let the COI do its business & for once & for all get the Truth out there.



Now we have Senator Francis du Heaume Le Gresley with his best Speech since taking over from Senator Stuart Syvret.  His not an old dinosaur, he's someone that sees the big picture & wants an end to this horrible  part of your History, he wants the Truth to come out so this chapter can come to a end.  We need more States members like him not like Troquer.

It was his Proposition to set up an Committee of Inquiry that got us to this point so he has to be Thanked & you will here the emotion in his voice & I'm sure the Relief because he knows it's going to happen & that is some feat. 

You hold your Head up high Senator I Thank You. 

TheJerseyWay would like to Credit & Thank BBC Radio Jersey for making these recording's possible.


Anonymous said...


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I fell asleep and missed the best part. It was already past 5 AM, here.


Ian Evans said...

Don't know about Le Troquer, but I know why Constable Phil Rondel DIDN'T VOTE

Anonymous said...

I agree with the feeling today that there cannot possibly be any cover ups to be uncovered when the whole States votes like this.

Anonymous said...

What a poor, rambling speech by the Constable. Was he put up to this by someone behind the scenes to be a token sacrifice?

The Beano is not the Rag

Anonymous said...

Michael Le Trocquer declared an interest.

His opinion on whether he considers himself conflicted is irrelevant.

He is conflicted, hugely he does have an interest and this speech in the States Chamber on the COI debate is seen to be conflicted from the off.

''I am not aware of being involved in any investigation or decision making that relates to any of the prosecutions likely to be investigated'' No catagorical denial.

''I took on a post on the Parish of St Helier working in the prosecutions department assisting the honorary police with their court case work in particular the centeniers but in an admin position, and not in a decision making role as to whether children associated with childrens care homes were to face prosecutions. And again I dont believe I have a conflict of interest''

Again no clear denial ''I dont believe I have a conflict of interest'' No clear denial of being involved in ''any cases'' I dont believe could excuse any cases that come to light during the time period asserted with a simple I forgot about that one etc etc.

Simply is conflicted in my opinion.

What a great start.

Anonymous said...

Good recording again TJW, Le Troquer's point of view was interesting and of course he must be allowed to say his piece. It did not help his argument though, that he was a policeman at the time and fair comment he may not have known but even so, abused children who were not listened to had sort help from the police and were not listened to.

Because of the scale of the problem, his speech would in my view, been far more acceptable and believable had he not been a uniformed policeman all those years ago. He still voted for the enquiry which was exactly the right thing to do.

Anonymous said...

"I agree with the feeling today that there cannot possibly be any cover ups to be uncovered"

Well isn't that just like nasty troll?

Despite avoiding a COI for years the States now vote for one. What has changed? Clearly, throughout the length and breadth of the UK, the Jimmy Savile case has caused people to wake up to what went on.

That case also gives a lot more more credibility to all those who didn't get believed enough. It also brings forward evidence that there really was involvement of corrupt powerful shady people thus the cover-up scenario becomes far more likely to be true.

Troll, your poisonous "agreeing with the feeling" is probably more likely to be you spreading that there is this feeling around.

Obviously the inadequate and cowardly States Members who resisted the call for a COI in the past now realise that it would be politically unthinkable to resist one now - or the whole of the UK would ask awkward questions as to why.

GeeGee said...

It could be Anonymous that States Members have finally realised that there is no alternative but to show compassion and finally get the truth out into the open for once and for all.

It could be that they saw the distress of some of the abuse survivors who were sitting in the Public Gallery, and finally realised that they deserve the justice they have been denied for so long.

It could be that Senator Le Gresley's most moving and emotional speech got through to even the most hardened deniers, along with what has to be one of Senator Gorsts finer moments.

It could be that at last common sense has prevailed. It was a unique feeling in the States yesterday. Oh that there were more days like that.

And it could finally be that the cover-ups or otherwise, whichever we choose to believe will finally be exposed and be able to be put to bed for once and for all.

Thank you TJW also for your continued valuable work enabling interested people world wide to hear the important debates of which yesterday's was definitely very special and unique.

daniel said...

Thanks, TJW for posting these two polar opposite speeches.

Any chane of posting the entire debate?

Or is that not possible. That would be a really great resource


thejerseyway said...

Hi Anon.

Yes I could put the whole Debate up if that is what you would like.


Ian Evans said...

An avalanche of CORRUPTION

Anonymous said...


Hi. I think posting the full debate would be good. It would be helpful for research, keeping the record for historic purposes. Thank you.

thejerseyway said...

Hi Anon.

OK I will but the hole Debate up, I started editing last night so may all goes well have it up tonight. If not tomorrow morning.

Thank you for using this service, as I've said before you can ask & as long as I've got it or I can get it I'll put it up, within reason.


voiceforchildren said...



Ian Evans said...

Failures by the Jersey Police & Jersey Justice System results in a five year old girl BEING RAPED IN ENGLAND