Monday, 15 July 2013

Statement from Senator Bailhache.

Personal Statement from Senator Bailhache.


Anonymous said...

So on the 14th May 2013 states meeting, Senator Bailhache responded;-

“– I cannot envisage any circumstances whereby any member of the public could have obtained from me the confidential information that is contained in the document that Deputy Southern and perhaps others may have.”

Whereas now 'on reflection', I guess he should say he was wrong to give that answer, as in doing he mislead the members. If only he had reflected more heavily on the fact that he did indeed have such documents in his possession on both the flight to and from Gatwick and therefore there was a possibility, we he now acknowledges.

I note Senator Bailhache has twice (maybe three) times emphasised that Deputy Pitman had not asked him directly as he could have cleared up the misunderstanding!

Although, the only misunderstanding appears to be of Senator Bailhache's own making, by forgetting that he had certain documents in his possession and forgetting he also flew home back to Jersey.

In my opinion, his ‘performance’ in this matter has if anything shown he may not be best suited to represent Jersey as Foreign Affairs Minister, as he would probably forget important stuff and in so doing jump straight to accusing others of fabricating stuff.

All we now need is an iPhone video showing the Police Statements!

Ian Evans said...

Good one TJW, that was hilarious :)

Anonymous said...

How many law officers, pr people did it take to put that little speech together.

Anonymous said...

Bailhache's 2011 Election Speech

"I have spent my entire career" waffle waffle "honesty" waffle waffle ...... "If people are not truthful they suffer the consequences... If a Minister lied to another Minister, so far as I am concerned, that would be pretty well the end of a Ministerial career...''

It is pretty well the end of Bailhache's career. Her Majesty's shit is holed below the waterline. It's blubber will keep it afloat for a while as it sheds unexploded ordinance which will prove a danger to this island for years to come.
It's colleagues should shunt it to the junkyard before it goes down, taking all hands with it.

Anonymous said...

'on reflection' I'm sorry I got caught lying, reinforcing that lie and tricking the Chief Minister into lying on my behalf .....

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for this TJW.

PB thinks he 'could be mistaken' on several occasions!! Well, I make no mistake in knowing who/what I believe.

Anonymous said...

Phlip has to go. clearly we can not have a so called official who can not get his facts right and can not give a straight answer to questions asked. It would appear that this liar needs medical attention for loss of memory

voiceforchildren said...



Anonymous said...

When your only excuse left is to plead faulty memory and confusion over what really happened, you are incompetent to run the island as a personal fiefdom, let alone inadequate to represent "good governance" internationally.

Thanks once again for preserving the record, TJW.


Anonymous said...

I think to be fair to Senator Bailhache, it could well be that he is in the earlier stages of Alzheimer’s, and therefore his perfect memory on what he read on 20th March had moved into his long term memory.

Memory loss was probably the reason why he automatically thought the issue was based on his 20 March flight, because he forgot that he returned to Jersey the following day, with those papers in his possession.

He must also be suffering from temporary second paragraph blindness, which if only he had read that paragraph he could have reflected at a far earlier stage.

Whatever his medical problems may or may not be, the real question, is should someone with questionable attention be representing Jersey - NO.

Anonymous said...

I should also add, perhaps he has also forgotten he did have some Police statements and maybe after even more time to reflect he may remember he did have them, maybe.

Ian Evans said...

And HERE is another Jersey whitewash on the cards!

Anonymous said...

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Ian Evans said...


Ian Evans said...