Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Catholic's, The Pope and Canon Law? Richard Bacon.

The Pope holds secret files and they have there own Law?

I court this Interview today and thought it was worth putting up for other's to hear. 

Richard Bacon interviews about the Pope not releasing secret files about Child Abuse and why they didn't report abuse to the Police.

Now I've heard Senator Bailhach go on about Canon's before, but not taken much notice. But with this sorry case about HG over here in Jersey the Church of England keep going on about, we have our own Canon's. So what they are going on about is, We have our own Canon Law which is above the Law of the Land?

Well I personally think, The Church is not to be Trusted, its out of date and they are all a disgrace. 

Its all about saving there own face, at the expense of the rest. 

These people of God Abused Children?


ware is GOD in All This?



Anonymous said...

TJW, thank you once again for posting an important recording here.


HIDS and the Three Monkeys said...

If we may echo the ever insightful Elle.
TJW you are such an asset & a resource to Jersey and beyond.
An all round star !
Thank you.

........We can't find the link at the moment but in the 1990's / early 2000's the Vatican sent a secret letter to the Catholic Church of Ireland, saying amongst other things, on NO ACCOUNT TELL THE POLICE

Catholic Church of Ireland revealed this letter in it's attempts to justify it's appalling behaviour and perhaps avoid personal responsibility and prosecution.

This rather puts the lie to the otherwise nice catholic spokeswoman's assertion that the near-universal cover up was not a centralised Vatican policy.

HIDS and the Three Monkeys said...

RE. "We have our own Canon Law which is above the Law of the Land?"
No doubt it can be selectively applied to trump other parts of the law, but don't be confused by the name 'Canon' and assume that it is part of a parallel-universe system of law like Catholic Canon Law

Jersey's Canon Law is just another piece of local Baillhach/Law Offices legislation keeping these things under control of "the jersey way".

The problem here is that Jersey Law itself and it's application without the basic principle of separation of powers IS a parallel-universe system of law.

Ultimately the UK will pay the price for the documented failure of it's duty of oversight.
Don't believe us? ...... click on our name and cringe at the squirming of shysters.

voiceforchildren said...


Exclusive interview with Stuart Syvret concerning his Google suspension and MUCH MORE.

Cloudburst said...

We regret to inform you that Ex. Health Minister Syvret is currently far too busy having his rights violated to even think of getting his blog re-hosted outside of the reach of your immaculate government.
It is now time to move on and accept that you are well and wisely governed and that there was NO CHILD ABUSE in Jersey, and no cover up.

It is critically important to your government that you do NOT read these posts in particular:

"I am a researcher for the Technical University in Eindhoven, currently completing my PHD in informatics at the University of Nottingham. My main interests are Internet tunnelling, freedom of expression in cyberspace, and the suppression of freedom of expression by governments all around the world."

I think that you will all agree that your government has been very wise and prudent with your money having the original blog removed in order that it can be replicated across the world.

There are multiple copies in existence and more being assembled.

Comments are NOT being accepted for the time being
so please be patient ..........

voiceforchildren said...


"Scrutiny" the STEVE PALLET WAY.