Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Electoral Commission !

Deputy Pitman tells it straight.

Since the former Bailiff has confirmed that he wants to chair the Electoral Commission, and says that work needs to start soon to get the work done in time for the 2014 election.

Do we need to even wonder why he wants to chair this Commission, all he wants is 12 Connétables & a few close Friends so they can just do what they want.

If he get's voted in to chair this Electoral Commission well we may as well give up!!!!

TheJerseyWay would like to Credit & Thank BBC Radio Jersey for making these recording's posible.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Thanks TJW Pitman always gets it spot on. No fear and no nonsense. But not worth a plaace in Gorst's sham inclusive government! Another farce. Better off as far away from these Ballsache cronies as possible Trevor.

Anonymous said...

Well said Mr Pitman, I am sick to death of all this establishment business ,we all know that Gorst is being worked by Bailhache and its about time somebody stood up to them.

Anonymous said...

Original proposition was to be free from political involvement voted on the large majority.

Oh no we dont. ''Lets include some States members with real expertise abouts whats involved, on the commission when we go to the States''

Mr. Bailhache is conflicted.

How many politicans are frightened to stand up to Mr. Bailhache? Mr. Gorst for starters.

Anonymous said...

I thought the election of Gorst as Chief Minister was a well orchestrated backroom deal. Gorst does not come across as the strong leader, but has to deal with all the flak whilst the 'real CM' gets the easier role of not even deputy but assistant deputy so he can do roughly what he likes and get heavily involved in issues he would not have been able to do if he had indeed been elected as CM.

Bailache has got to be stopped from wrecking the island. He has this silly notion that Jersey can go independant. Yea right. So the EU will just leave Jersey alone, no way, they could make life unbearable for Jersey. EU billions of pounds and plenty of power against Bailache, the man who has admitted to making things up as he goes along!

Anonymous said...

JEP Toby Chiang

A States Member fined thousands of pounds for breaking the elections law should not be sitting on a panel given the job of reviewing it, according to Assistant Chief Minister Sir Philip Bailhache.

Speaking out at a Privileges and Procedures Committee meeting, the Senator questioned the inclusion of Deputy Geoff Southern on a public elections sub-committee of Privileges.

Senator Bailhache said that it was not right to involve someone in looking at the election procedures who had a conviction for breaching election law.

In 2009 Deputy Southern was fined £10,000 after he admitted helping Islanders to apply for postal voting forms during the 2008 election.
senator Bailhache said: 'If you created a criminal law commission to look at burglary, you wouldn't invite a convicted burglar to join the commission.

''This is not an attack on Deputy Southern or his integrity. It's about the perception of involving someone with a conviction for breaking election law. I think it's completely inappropriate.'

As things stand, St. Brelade Deputy Montfort Tadier would chair the sub committee with Deputies Southern, Jeremy Macon, Eddie Noel, Trevor Pitman and potentially Deputy Roy Le Herissier forming the rest of the panel. The States Members were all proposed after expressing an interest in sitting on the sub-committee.

Senator Bailhache who is seeking the lead the proposed Electoral Commission being convened to devise a better way of organising the States Chamber, made his comments but did not gain support from fellow Privileges @Committee members, who included the chairman, St. Helier Constable Simon Crowcroft, St. Clement Constable Len Norman, Deputy Judy Martin and Deputy Kristina Moore.

Deputy Martin defended the decision to include Deputy Southern on the sub-committee.

After the opinions of Privileges members had been heard, the proposed make-up of the public elections sub-committee was agreed. It us understood that Deputy Roy Le Herissier had expressed an interest in the committee and he is due to be contacted to find out whether he wants to join the group.

Apologies if any errors in transcription

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