Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Questions With Out Answers.

Well the long awaited Question Time.

Question 2. Deputy T Pitman.

Question 4. Deputy Tadier.

Question 6. Deputy Higgin's.

Question 14. Deputy Higgin's.

Questions to the Home Affair's Minister.

Questions to the Chief Minister.

TheJerseyWay would like to Credit & Thank BBC Radio Jersey for making these recording's posible.


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a picture of intentionally muddied waters.

Anonymous said...

Question 4.

Not political my god?

Anonymous said...

There are to many referals of letters and reports being referred to by Mr. Napier with no reference to what letter nor which report?

I personally could refer to the reference made by Mr. Le Marquand in relation to his reference to Mr Napier report and his referral in his letter to his report

its double dutch, means nothing.

Q. Was Mr. Napier aware that Matt Tapp was not working for the States of Jersey Police or was he, like others under the impression he was? Mr. Power had already been suspended prior to Mr. Tapp views on media handling?

This is so not funny.

Anonymous said...

If they could remove Napier's TOR Part D without too much disruption.

Walker and Ogley (they) would have had no problem in employing Tapp.

So they thought at the time.

Ian Evans said...


Anonymous said...

Publishing idiotic comments like 'scum',other than titillating a few bloggers, serves no purpose but alienating the very people you need to convince that something is wrong. How do you expect to enlighten people,or for them to take you seriously, if you indulge idiots to post this sort of rubbish.

Jesus wept. Grow up

moral_rightness said...

ILM is totally disregarding the recent report that he was recently made aware of from Lenny Harper. He answered part of question by relying upon what Napier said, however I doubt Napier would now stand by some of his comments in light of the report that Lenny effectively instigated.

If the so called Met Interim report was not a proper Met report, what Napier may or maynot say is not valid, except ILM has to keep to the same story until someone proves this to be the case. Hopefully we will not have to wait much longer for that to happen.

I guess if ILM gave the slightest indication he believed the report was not a Met Report and that Warcup had in fact conspired to get GP out, then ILM would be finished, at the moment when it becomes an open proved fact, he can act shocked!!

Anonymous said...

The blogs are way off the mark with this one.

thejerseyway said...

Anon 11.37 last night.

I spent hours yesterday evening putting the audio up of what that idiot was saying to justify getting rid of Mr Power & you pull me up for letting a 4 letter word though.
Well I totally agree with Ian on this one. That lot in the ministry wast millions of pounds every year getting them selves out of the sh?t. How much has spent on justifying the actions against Mr Power & they are going take away 80% of the funding to sport. How much have they given to exemployeries just for them to go away & say nothing.
You are probably someone that agrees with the Minister's that the few Deputy's that try & do the right thing are just trouble maker's.
You are the problem over here in this sh?t Island. I have paid Tax every year since leaving school, not had 1 bean out of them so I think I'm intiltilled to say what I think. If people don't like getting called name's don't become a politician & as for you who thinks the word Scum should not be there for you to read well dont come on my Blog again, I am certainly not doing this work for the likes of you.
If you think that this lovely little Island is only full of rose pettels, if you think there has never been one corrupt land deal done over here ever well you live in a bubble, If you think the hubby bobby's don't only look after there own with the head of them running the this Island you live in cookkoo land. If you think Child abuse has not been covered up you need to have a really hard think about it.
All they will say is we are defending Jersey, at what cost ask your self. No point going over history. If they would of done the right thing in the first place this would be all over now. But they didn't so it is going on & they spend millions covering it up & little things like sport funding goes to get them out of the shit that they should not be in, in the first place.
Total SCUM Bags.

voiceforchildren said...


Former Chief Police Officer Graham Power QPM responds to readers questions concerning the infamous Met "Interim" REPORT

Anonymous said...

I wish Ian Evans would stop publishing such self-interest turgid trolling crap. This subject is supposed to be serious, after all people were abused and all Ian seems to do is find anything that goes on as an excuse to write al load of material that’s simply there to insult. People will look at this material and think nobody on here is serious.

Anonymous said...

Nice Rant, but I'm not sure what most of that was to do with my original message which was that publishing or linking to insults made your site easier to dismiss.

Mind you, going off on one about everything that gets you down is as much the Jersey Way as your interpretation of the phrase.

Continue posting and linking to insults, and you'll continue to be dismissed. Much more people at least take notice of Rico because at least he conducts his work in a thorough, and more grown up manner.

And telling people not to read your blog if they don't like it ? Who's losing out from that advice I wonder ?

Anonymous said...

My favourite blog is VFC on the basis that it is very informative,does not rely on sensationalist language, and has access to a dictionary and a full range of adjectives.

Bad language i dislike.
Personal insults i dislike.
By all means challenge a persons opinions,but as soon as it deteriorates into personal insults,the cause stands to be lost.

Anonymous said...

So from ILM right at the beginning of these recordings, Warcop asked the MET for the Interim report. What had he come across that he neded to be backed up by this 'offical' report before the MET had finished the final edition.

Unless I am missing something glaringly obvious, what was the rush? Why didn't Warcop just wait?

The Beano is not the Rag

Anonymous said...

Thank you the Jersey Way for taking the time to upload the recordings.

Reply to 11.38 ''Asking for and getting two different things.

Anonymous said...

As to Ians comment, if you dont like it, ignore it Ian is not trying to convince anyone of anything on this blog, is he?

You may not agree with all opinions but you have to respect peoples rights to express them.

Anonymous said...

Good observation on the last comment. Why unless Mr. Warcup has use for the Wiltshire report was he chasing up an Interim report? Did he need it for something?

Anonymous said...

Is this wanting of a new report to help oust Graham Power down to a friendly Home Affairs Minister? As we are aware, Mr Lewis didn't have any intention of standing again for re-election.

This would have provided a good excuse to dodge the flack just in case any accredited reporters were to step out of their box and do some journalistic research ...

Anonymous said...

Ian Evans solution, if he disagrees with your point of view, is to call you a 'shithead', or to threaten that he would 'take a stick to you'. He is a moron and a liability, and the longer you defend the thug, or accept his deranged and threatening contributions, the more credibility you lose. Why do you think none of the others blogs provide links to his propaganda blog ?

Seriously, He needs help, not encouragement.

Small Axe said...

"Anonymous said...
The blogs are way off the mark with this one."

I'd really be interested to hear you explain that comment.

This blog entry is nothing but a collection of recordings of actual words spoken in the States Chamber.

Other blogs are quoting those recordings, or quoting directly from the official documents referenced in those recordings.

So with that in mind, please tell us how the blogs are "way off the mark"?

Anonymous said...

Now why would someone want this blog to turn into a discussionn about Ian.

Nothing to do with distraction on the evidence provided in the audio here.

Keep up the good work Jersey Way.

Anonymous said...

anon @4:51 pm

Do you know Ian personally?

I do, and he's no thug, in fact he'd give you his last penny if you needed it

the only moron here is you anon
(brave,rightous no name)

most people in real productive jobs take Ians language with a pinch of salt.

whats your job anon?


Anonymous said...

I have been disappointed with some of Ian's blogging whenever a serious story arises it detracts attention from the serious and sensitive side of the subject.

The Ian Evans Police corruption blog was good but the Propaganda one is just stupid.

We need some decorum people....!

Ian Evans said...

Thank you TJW and Cyril for your support gentlemen, it is very much appreciated.

I think the reason that most of the Anti-Ian Evans comments are here is because you are just plain jealous. No courage to stand up and fight, sadly, not even the courage to leave a name. What have any of my detractors EVER done to help the cause? I will tell you....NOTHING. Empty shells of men who's silence and inaction lends support to those we challenge, and who abuse children and rob the community of its wealth for their own fulfilment.

I will wager that not once in your entire existences have you ever stood up to anything, or anyone. Fear can be so debilitating for some people, even a curse. Weakness is nothing to be ashamed of, it is simply how some people are.

Let me ask you this:

Le Marquand covers up for paedophiles, lies to his peers in government, his old department doctor peoples trial tapes, he was totally corrupt as a judge, he allows perjurious policemen to get away with their crimes, he gets two honourable trusted policemen fired and ridiculed, he costs the tax payer multi millions, he hides behind the banner of "Good Christian" whilst being a priest of Baal, and the worst....he continues to p*ss on the abuse survivors and rub their noses in the dirt....and what do you clowns do? You rip into me for calling him what he is, UTTER SCUM.

Go look in the mirror sheeple....

rico sorda said...


Sometimes you must be a little ruthless on what comments you let through. Some just want it off the topic matter. Look how the comments went from being about the clueless ILM to Ian.

This is a brilliant service you offer. Just protect the quality of your posting in the comment section.

I delete 10 a day

Thanks again for posting up the questions.

Anonymous said...

I Am Surprised The Comments Attacking Ian Are Not Written In This Format, If You Get My Drift Lol

Anonymous said...

I think its a valid point in highlighting a link to a post called SCUM. People are getting sick to the teeth of this kind of blogging.

Anonymous said...

This discussion of any Ian except ILM is just trolling, TJW. If people were truly that offended by the word "Scum" they would probably be afraid to go ever out in public.

The audios you have provided are a few of the more vital records which will be used to establish ILM's corruption. As part of an historic and official public record more comments attacking other blogs will diminish the effect of what is really evidence of appalling dishonesty and lack of transparency by some in high office.

As you can see on nearly every other Jersey blog, the more important the topic's evidence presented, the more trolls fuss about anything else but the evidence contained or referred to in the blog topic. Then, if their irrelevant and diversionary comments are not posted, they attack that as censorship or as being an affront to free speech.

Thank you, TJW, for these important recordings.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ogley Mr. Walker and Mr. Tapps involvement is not covered in Napier as claimed by Mr. Le Marquand

There is no mention of Mr. Tapp resigning from his contract with Mr. Warcup and the States of Jersey Police.

Nor mention of him then being re-employed independently by two politians nor mention of the term of reference they gave him.

How Mr Le Marquand can claim this is covered at some length in the context of the question asked by Mr. Tadier it simply is not true.

To listen to Mr. Le Maquand answer to the question one would believe their was no political involvement in the suspension of Mr. Power. wouldn't they?

Anonymous said...

If you honestly,in your heart of hearts, think it is appropriate for somebody to be calling one of the contributors to his blog (not ILM, not states members, not civil servants, a contributor to his blog) a shithead, and to threaten somebody with violence ('i will take a stick to you'), plus numerous other threats of violence in other blog comments he has posted in the past, not to mention calling an elderly couple 'Nazis' ,then nothing I say will change your mind.

And if you think that the reason I object to this man and his behaviour is to divert attention away from any subject, then you are tacitly excusing his behaviour as a means to justify an end, which makes you as guilty as he is.

As you and a number of your commenters no doubt wish, you have lost one reader. If there was ever a demonstration of my initial point that Ian would cost you interest from outside the usual range of bloggers, then i guess the point is now self-evident.

Notwithstanding the above, thank you for at least publishing my comments. I will leave you in peace

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
I think its a valid point in highlighting a link to a post called SCUM. People are getting sick to the teeth of this kind of blogging."

Are they?

Well all I can say is that they must be putting in a LOT of effort to find that kind of local blog.

I currently have at least 30 politically inclined blogs from Jersey bookmarked (yes, believe it or not there are now that many). Out of those blogs only 2 fit the criteria to which you seem to be referring.


Out of THIRTY.

Maybe you and any others who are "sick to the teeth" of the style of blogging offerd by those TWO blogs should make the effort to discover the other TWENTY EIGHT blogs out of THIRTY which do not resort to insults and name-calling to bolster their chosen topics?

Just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 12:11 - 2/2/12

you are prepared to stop visiting here because TJW publishes comment/s from Ian in language you don't approve of, you'll stop visiting to prove your anti free speech point.


keep on keeping on with this excellent resource TJW

Anonymous said...

Well done Pitmans, Higgins, Tadier. Le Marquand was just full of his ususal empty bluster. Resign? If only!

dt said...

I believe the majority of readers of local blogs are adult enough to judge this blog on its content alone, a content unique and essential within the world of Jersey's political blogs.

With that in mind one can only wonder what it says of any individual who, given the serious political questions raised by the recorded content of this current blog entry, would prefer in this comment section to rage loudly and repeatedly about a link to an unrelated blog. Rage to the point of derailing discussion of the blog's current subject, whilst at the same time claiming their primary concern is for the integrity of comments appearing on this blog in regards to that current subject.

I'm in complete agreement with Rico when it comes to the matter of censoring off-topic comments which appear likely to be disruptive of the discussion of the blogged topic. I would even go so far as to suggest that TJW deletes comments already published in response to this latest blog entry which fit that agenda, including this one, to refocus the discussion upon the astoundingly important matter of Ian Le Marquand etc.

In earlier days local political blogs stumbled into a trap of feeling obliged in the names of fairness, decency and transparency to allow blatantly off-topic comment (often anti-blogging or pro-establishment in message).

They soon wised up when they realised many of those comments were obviously being placed with a pro-establishment intent. So the bloggers began to selectively block comments of that type, as Rico refers to in his comment. The immediate consequence was a vast improvement in the quality of comment and discussion upon their blogs, with everything remaining largely on-topic.

The message to be taken from this by all local political blog owners is quite simple. The establishment and their lapdogs already have control of the island's professional media. In their eyes this is a war. Don't allow them to use your own blogs as a weapon against you.

One other point for TJW to take note of. As a general rule of thumb with political blogging in Jersey, the greater the intensity of animosity you experience in your comment section, the greater impact your blog is having on the desired target.

What we've seen with the "noise" in this comment section is solid evidence that you're clearly ruffling all the right feathers.

Keep up the good work.

thejerseyway said...

Hi dt.

Thank you for your comment & I agree with what you have said & shall take note & learn from the mistake I made by getting drawn into the off topic discussion. I just saw the comment & went off on one without thinking of what I was getting myself into.

I shall now be more carefull in what I publish.

voiceforchildren said...


Lest we forget.

In considering these issues the Committee might find it helpful to be alerted to the apparent relationship between the suspension, and what was said to the media and the outside world in general on Wednesday 12 November 2008. During the course of his enquiries on behalf of the Minister, the Chief Constable of Wiltshire has disclosed to me a number of documents. The two most relevant in respect of this issue are the draft media presentation script which was shown to me by Mr Warcup on 5 November 2008, my last working day before a short period of leave, and the script actually used on 12 November 2008. There are significant differences between the two which must have resulted from changes made between 5 and 11 November 2008. For example, the draft script says “It has never been suggested by the States of Jersey Police that Child Murder took place at Haut de Ia Garenne.” The script actually used in the briefings on 11 and 12 November 2008 says “Statements which were issued by the States of Jersey Police suggested that serious criminal offences had been perpetrated against children and also that there was a possibility that children had been murdered, bodies had been disposed of and buried within the home.” Other differences between the scripts are of a similar nature. Against this background it is legitimate to consider another possible explanation for the actual sequence of events. That is, the decision to suspend was taken on or before 8 November 2008 by persons unknown for reasons at present unknown. The media script was then subjected to significant changes (I believe that “sexed up” is a popular term used to describe this type of process) in order to enable the Minister to claim that he took a decision after being shown the content of the presentation on 11 November 2008, and in order to conceal the real reason or purpose behind the action taken. This may or may not be what actually occurred. Until the truth is known we cannot be sure.

Anonymous said...

I had something to say then read all the off topic stuff and lost what I was going to say.

The general gist of it was having listened to ILM's answers in the first recording it looks to me as one person trying his hardest to explain his predessors actions. The problem with this is that they seem to have all done a runner. Ogley, Warcup, Walker and others. They have all gone their own merry way and left ILM to cover their backsides.

Not that I have any allegience to ILM but I doubt very much even he could get an answer from the ones who have done a runner. There is not one runner who has come back and stood by him as far as I have read. A lonely place to be perhaps, but you make your bed and you lie in it. (Lie is not a spelling mistake).

Anonymous said...

ILM doesn't have to know everything about what the others did, he just has to quit lying and hiding evidence on everything. That's not too much to ask of him really. Whatever he is lying and stalling about will be exposed, so he should just pray for the strength to do what is right.

Ian Evans said...


voiceforchildren said...


Could I ask that your Jersey readers PARTICIPATE?

voiceforchildren said...


How Things Are Done In JERSEY

Ian Evans said...


Anonymous said...

A brilliant resource, thank you. Again off topic but I think Bailhache on RJ this morning talking about the electoral commission (around 8.05a.m.) would be worth recording if you can, please?

IS it easy to record? DOes it require special equipment? If it's simple, it may be an idea to post 'how to audio record' and then each time we (whoever participates) hears something worth recording, we can do it, maybe e-mailing them to you or setting up another blog / archive.
....Just a thought,,,,,, thank you

voiceforchildren said...



Ian Evans said...