Monday, 18 November 2013

The BBC's Matthew Price is at it Again?

Matthew Price of BBC Radio Jersey Interviews Deputy Shona Pitman.

The BBC just will not let the Truth come out, Deputy Shona Pitman was supposed to of had 10 Minutes to put her side of the story to what Deputy Power was incinerating was week.

Please tell me, am I just getting all this wrong and the BBC are doing these interviews the Right way.

Or is it that they are in with them all, trying to get rid of the Pitman's?


Pay your BBC licence fee when they fulfil their own charter said...

Unbelievable !

A proper journalist does not aggressively interrupt & cut off microphones and state "there is no evidence"

A proper journalist asks "What evidence do you have to support that assertion"

Check out

Or click on my name for a link to an amateur doing a far more professional job (#2 Video)

Anonymous said...

Matthew Price, you are a despicable interviewer. That was the most relentlessly hostile interview I've ever heard from a local station anywhere in the world. A listener only needs one full minute in to hear where this was going. If you want to go all "Paxmannesque, why not hold power to account. What a hideous station this local BBC is.

Anonymous said...

"The JEP is a responsible newspaper." The hell it is. The only honest thing Price stated was the time of day. The only reason Price doesn't know if Shona's facts are true or not is because he does NOT want to know. He knows he is not supposed to look into inconvenient matters like that. If he did stumble upon the truth he would do all he could to hide it.

martin said...

just to say matthew price is a joke not fit to be on radio.

Anonymous said...

I heard Shona's follow up on the Voice website and she wasn’t interrupted there, except by the idiot interviewer who was more interested in bigging up himself as some sort of independent media hero, than hearing what she had to say.
Despite having a tame interviewer and all the time in the world to get her points across I still didn’t hear any evidence to support the “smears” allegation or the idea that the media and the justice system have joined forces to oust them? We need less talk about all the “evidence” they have and more details on what it is. On balance I would have said that the Voice interview was as bad as the BBC interview for not actually getting anything aired.

Anonymous said...

Matthew "I cannot allow you to malign the JEP"Price shows his true pro-establishment, pro-cover up, bias. He couldn't put his head further up their corporate ass if he tried. What an utter disgrace to journalism he is.

I hope this clip reaches a wider audience of media academics for their analysis.

He is a total Joke.

Even his establishment puppet masters will be laughing at him, over their canapes & cucumber sandwiches, for this crap.

Sadly, he is the only person in Jersey who can't see it.

Judge made law #FreeSyvretNow said...

Anonymous @ 8:58 am "......On balance I would have said that the Voice interview was as bad as the BBC interview for not actually getting anything aired."

You think that a disabled man with a cheap camera and no studio or funds did as good a job as the multi-million pound & publicly-funded BBC !

I know you did not mean it as a complement but that is inescapably the other side of what you said; so if VFC "bigged himself up" it would seem to be with good reason.

I think VFC mentioned independent media and bloggers in general, rather than himself.

Anon. You must care rather a lot about something to malign the voluntary sector so.

VFC's very reasonable efforts can be compared here:

Anonymous said...

If you don't live in Jersey or have financial ties to keep your mind distorted by misplaced provincial patriotism, you see the efforts of Team Voice, Rico, Stuart,bBob, Trevor, Sam, Ian, Richard and other Jersey bloggers like TJW, and the brave abuse survivors who speak up at great risk, as the most prominent evidence of Jersey's goodness. Really. Courage and integrity are easier to see when you aren't on the side opposed to them. Paedo-protection, child abuse, propaganda and corruption are not popular outside their own inward-facing circles.