Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Letter and Deputy Power !

Whats the betting that The Police don't go very far with this!

Then Deputy Pitman tries to put there side across.

Then just for good measurer Matthew Price repeats just one angle, put it's the angle that they are only interested in!

TheJerseyWay would like to Credit & Thank BBC Radio Jersey for making these recording's possible.


Anonymous said...

No way will the police solve the arson letter crime.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I think the injunction argument is a valid one especially after all the hype Deputy Pitman made about the Syvret case going back to last year. It all does sound a bit hypocritical.

Anonymous said...

First audio 00:00

''Arson threats have been sent to people in Jersey its a frightening fact connected to a court case brought by Deputies''

That's the introduction claim by the BBC interviewer

Alleged facts known, are that Arson threats were allegedly sent to 4 individuals.

What are these facts connecting the alleged crime to the two Deputies as claimed by the BBC In the introduction, Prior to the scenario his first guest goes on to provide?

Anonymous said...

Observations from the interview Scenario of Mr Power.

Threatening Arson letters connected to Broadlands case, Pitmans. and planning panel all based on 16 words shown on CTV?

Injunction sort to prevent all media connecting stories to Pitmans from 16 words purporting to support the stories the media have run with

Apparently letters sent on the Monday 21st, Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd October.

Sean Power got back the weekend Sat 26th or Sunday 27th October and found out there were other letters. He took his to the police on Monday 28th October. Police informed him of other letters and dates other letters were posted? Police did not name other recipients.

The police had informed Mr Power of dates the alleged recipients threatening letters were sent?

Threatening Arson is potential murder isn't it. Sean Power ''I don't know ?''

Two other recipients given Collas Crew and Walkers? That would appear to be 6 letters? Did the police inform Mr Power of these two other alleged recipients?

On Mr Pitmans blog recipients are Lawyer for the Jersey Evening Post, Advocate Danny Le Maistre

Lawyer for Broadlands David Steenson

Mr Roger Trower
and Sean Power

Have two recipients dropped by the wayside and been replaced with two others?

Anonymous said...

what a biased interview, still it is sadly what we have come to expect from radio jersey

Anonymous said...
Hansard Link planning

Scroll down to 4.4.1

Anonymous said...

Sean Power ‏@seanpowerjersey 30 Oct
Jersey politics can be ugly and has just taken a turn for the worse. More to follow but suffice to say there are strange people out there.



Gary Burgess

3:31 PM - 30 Oct 13 · Details

Do you know what time on the 30th Andy sibcy phoned Trevor Pitman?

Anonymous said...

open and transparent, as long as it suits the Pitmans agenda? I didn't think that the JEP accused the Pitmans or their followers of anything. It was clearly an anonymous letter sent to people who only had the Pitmans in common. The link is obvious, all individuals concerned were involved through very public exchanges on blogs, in the states, in the courts and in the media. the source of threats remains a matter of speculation, probably not helped by Mr Pitman throwing bad tempered and badly aimed accusations around. We need to stop second guessing, political posturing and point scoring and let the police get on with their enquiries.

Sam Mézec said...

Very strange for Matthew Price to say he knows nothing about the complaints against Jon Gripton for promoting a hate site, when he actually once attempted to reprimand me for bringing up these complaints on the BBC Facebook page. So he is lying, he does know about these complaints.

Anonymous said...

BBC Endorse Mr Powers theory of linking the crime with The Pitmans

Yet when Mr Pitman provides his version the BBC do the contrary.

Deputy Trevor Pitman said...

Contrary to the - possibly deliberate attempt muddy the waters - comment of one of your posters the Jersey Evening Post through Andy Sibcy very much DID try to link the thratening letter scam to us. This was one of the key reasons why we sought the temporary injunction to get more info which Sibcy would not provide. Indeed, once the judge had made quite clear to the JEP that there was absolutely NO LINK or EVIDENCE to their intended false story Sibcy continued to hide behind their lawyer and was not brave enough to speak. As someone suggested the other day: on this showing if Sibcy was a lager you would have to conclude he would almost certainly be called 'Chris Bright Lite'?

Anonymous said...


Can you get this one up?

07 Nov Sara Palmer listen again.

Got to : 01:06:40 for BBC Jersey & Sara Palmer being embarrassed by John Hemming!

Very enlightening.

thejerseyway said...

Hi Anon.

I have found it and will have it up as soon as I can.

Thank you for the help in noticing the stupid Radio presenter that is trying to sound like someone who knows what she's talking about.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting up the John Hemming clip.

I realise now it was Jen Smith, on the Sara Palmer programme. I do not wish to associate Sara Palmer with such drivel.

I am fully confident she would have done a far more incisive, well rersearched & probing interview, in the finest traditions of the BBC, had she had the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

On the 1st audio under pic of Deputy Sean Power I found the section at

04:52 Interviwer: threatening arson is potentially Attempted murder, Isn't it?

reply: I, I I don't know, I'm not an expert on the law um I don't I'm not an expert on criminal law um all I know is its taken a great deal of my time cont..

The reason I find the above strange is looking through
Hansard from 28/4/2009 researching facts claimed on one of Mr Syvrets blog postings I came across the statement below which got me wondering whether Parliamentary priveleges has been obtained by States member. Is it a criminal offence to send Arson letters to numerous people?

How can a search warrant be provided to search Mr Syvrets house given the statement from the AG.

The Attorney General responded as

follows -

‘There is no special protection for any Member from investigation by the police, whether within or without the States building, other than through the ordinary parliamentary privileges which might be claimed. A warrant to search Members’ possessions, lockers, desks and computers could be issued under relevant provisions in the Police Procedures and Criminal Evidence (Jersey) Law 2003. Such warrants can only be obtained where there are reasonable grounds for believing a serious offence has been committed, of which there is evidence on the premises, and where the evidence is relevant, not legally privileged, and does not consist of excluded or special procedure material. Under the Police Procedures and Criminal Evidence law, warrants can be issued by the Bailiff, the Deputy Bailiff, or in the case of many statutory provisions, by Jurat. It may well be that the Privileges and Procedures Committee, in consultation with the Bailiff will want to consider what guidance ought to be given to Members in relation to parliamentary privilege.’