Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Journalist Jeremy Scahill gets interviewed on BBC Radio 5 Live.

Jeremy Scahill discusses covert operations in the context of US foreign Policy.

Court this today on Radio 5 Live and thought that people over here would like to hear it, because he's doing what I wish our so called Journalist over here did and tell us the Truth, not just what they get told too report by our Government.


Judge Made Law in Jersey #FreeSyvretNow said...


Ian's in-your-face "Shock Jock" style is not to everyone's taste but he has put a huge amount of time and effort into documenting travesties on this island.

His archiving of selected "Jersey Evening Propaganda" articles is a public service in itself and is valuable to today's islanders and tomorrow's historians alike.

Some of us would prefer if he put his works on "chemtrails" and global issues on a separate linked blog as this could detract from the value and impact of his local work.

Anyways we were worried, and it is great to have the indomitable 'Rough Diamond' back :-)

voiceforchildren said...


The People's Voice interviews LENNY HARPER