Saturday, 25 January 2014

Bob Hill Interview on the BBC.

Mr Bob Hill up dates us about the mess that the Church of England has got it's self in.


DenverGal said...

Is another inquiry needed to address the related email troubles? Not only does Dame Heather claim she did not receive Bob's Hill's multiple emails, but the Dean had some vague excuse like that, too - a key delay he alleged in relation to receiving HG's email correspondence.


Anonymous said...

Thank you TJW and thank you Bob Hill.

Time and time again, you both got up and did something- TJW by making this wonderful audio collection, and Bob, a rare breed of politican by always putting truth, human rights and justice first.
HG's treatment was shameful, not only by the Warden, but later the Dean, the Church, the Police, Bailhache and his team, the Jersey Injustice services. Simply shocking treatment of a lovely person who was abused by a man with a 'touchy feely reputation' that was already known about.
Jersey needs more people like Bob in the States, and less of the Bailhaches and crew if we are ever going to get our priorities back in order.
Thanks TJW.

voiceforchildren said...


Bob is a man of huge courage, and integrity, as he displayed wonderfully here in THE LION'S DEN.

voiceforchildren said...


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