Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Interview with the Dean, by the BBC. 26/01/14.

Matthew price Interviews the Dean.


Póló said...

Thanks for that TJW.

It is so good to know that God has personally intervened in this dispute at the Dean's behest and that the Dean himself is not on the Norty step.

It would appear that the authorities played a blinder with the visiting bishops who met only the shephers and avoided contact with the flock.

Meanwhile Norty lives in fear and terror on the mainland.

You couldn't make it up.

voiceforchildren said...


State Media, Philip Ozouf, and "STOLEN" E-MAILS

Daniel said...

The main thing seems to be the Dean's insistence that Jersey is "apart". We do things our way, and the Church of England, in England has no right to intervene ever. Or maybe that should read - only in the most exceptional circumstances. He likens us to France where you cannot get your morning cornflakes, you get a baguette. We are a foreign country.

Interesting little bit about the Bailiff whispering in his ear when he arrives - remember we are not the same here - or words to that effect. That would have been the Sir Philip, would it not?

It really does look like the Dean wants Jersey to be entirely separate. And yet the Quakers, the Roman Catholics and the Methodists are all content to be fully a part of their respective sructures. So why are the Anglicans so different? And what do the majority of their clergy and of their members really think?

Anonymous said...

The Dean quote - " when you come to jersey , you are coming to somewhere different"

you got that right reverend, different as in off the f***in wall !

Emma said...

Felt a little queasy on hearing this rather self-pitying interview and on hearing the Pastoral letter in Church. Daniel is quite right about structures - churchgoers have not been asked what they think.

Anonymous said...

Listening to that made me cringe. If ever there was something to put someone off becoming a christian it's listening to the Dean of Jersey.
Of course not even a mention of HG and what she went through, and oh so typically implying that we should feel sorry for the him and his wife, as the ones wronged. Shame he didn't decide to move to Dorset, not that I would wish him on them either.
As far as I can see Jersey seems to be very much the same as England when it comes to turning a blind eye to abuse!