Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Is Jersey the Next Rochdale?

Matthew Price tries to nail our Home Affairs Minister!

In my view it should be Senator Le Marquand, not Deputy Duhamel who's up for the chop?

Now we have an interview that Victoria Derbyshire did last month, about the Rochdale Child Abuse case, were the Police mainly took a blind eye for years at this Child Abuse?

Here is the Chief of Police for Greater Manchester.

Is that attitude common place in the Police UK Wide, or just when its to do with Child Abuse?

Some Comments and more discussion.


I know this interview would come in useful some time, so I recorded it. But I wasn't expecting this story to be coming out, that is just so similar to the Rochdale one, may be not the scale but all the same factors.

This is Unbelievable for little old Jersey?

Or is it?

 After what has been going on over here for years and the Government and the Police just want it covered up.

 I suppose we shouldn't be surprised?

What do you think ? Discuss.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, TJW. You've published a lot of evidence and helpful information here. It may take time for the comments, since there's much important documentation to listen to first. -Elle

Anonymous said...
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Jersey Its all on the cover of Newsweek..... CLICK HERE said...

Ex Deputy Trevor Pitman indicates that there is a possibility the no action was taken against the Jersey grooming gang because one of it's members was from an establishment family: