Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Graham Power Interviewed on BBC Radio Jersey.

"The People That did Nothing are Criticizing the people that Did Something"

That's a Quote from Graham Power and it sums up everything and you don't need to say anything else.

Please Listen.

Thanks to The Voice For Children Blog for getting me this recording.


voiceforchildren said...


As you rightly point out, that one sentence says it all. Where were those who are now sniping at Rectangle when children were being abused? They were either doing nothing or covering it up. Now they attack the very cops who actually DID something.

Anonymous said...

At 10 minutes and 52 sec. in, Graham mentions the unmentionable...."the core of it is, what the Committee of Inquiry has found, is for whatever reason I was suspended, it was not the reason that was given at the time. There is some other reason, and they haven't got to the bottom of it, and it's still a secret. And wouldn't it be nice if the people that knew, stepped forward and told the truth. This is doing Jersey no good, and what Jersey needs to do is move forward. Admit it's errors and move forward. Not keep rehearsing the arguments about what happened 10 years ago."

This is such a good paragraph, one of many good paragraphs in this interview. But this one gets to the heart of the matter.

Anonymous said...

Great interview with Graham Power. His honesty and decency shine through, he is clearly a man of complete integrity (vetted to the highest standards by the security services, as I recall)

I am glad he continues to hold his head high. He is an outstandingly good individual.

Frank Walker, meanwhile, spins the line in various interviews that he didn't know the abuse was going on (because, he says, nobody told him) whilst simultaneously criticising Stuart Syvret for not knowing what was going on in Health & Social Services for 8 years, all the time conveniently ignoring Syvret's identical argument that nobody told him anything was wrong either (in fact, the civil service actively concealed wrongdoing from Syvret).. You could not make this up.

Anonymous said...

Whenever Graham Power speaks he makes complete sense, direct ,honest, factual the complete opposite to the likes of Walker and Lewis,the make it up as you go along guys. I have so much respect for this man.