Sunday, 9 July 2017

The Independent Jersey Care Inquiry's Report is out

And we need to carry on

Due to Deputy Lewis being mentioned in the Report for not being Truthful to the Inquiry’s panel and still not admitting that he did wrong and I quote

“We find that Andrew Lewis lied to the States Assembly about the Metropolitan Police report, stating that he had had sight of it when he had not. We can readily see why these acts have given rise to the public suspicion that all or some of those involved were acting improperly and that they were motivated by a wish to discredit or close down investigations into child abuse.” End quote.

The Jersey Way thinks some of the old recordings need to be reheard.

I’m shocked at the report, don’t know why because I knew what was going on at the time and knew some of the stories, to which the public were getting told that hadn’t happened.

Well now we know they did and it’s our duty to get the whole story out, now that we have been vindicated to why we were so outspoken about all of this.

Some of the States members that are in there now, were not there then, obviously. But the ones that were there, in the States Stamping there bloody feet, in agreement with the decisions that the Inquiry was not being needed and too the disproval of Senator Stuart Syvret, who I may add has been proved right all along.

I'm going to say Stuart Syvret needs an apology From the Jersey Government and he needs Redress.

We Knew you were right all along Stuart, its a shame the Government at the time, thought more about The Finance Industry then Children!

I’m going to dig out some speeches that will prove that it’s all crocodile tears going on at the moment and also tears because Chief Minister Le Sueur failed to stop the inquiry happening and they have all been court out.

So up first is this one.

Francis Le Gresley and Stuart Syvret were being interviewed by the BBC Radio Jersey, they were getting asked what they had thought of Senator Le Sueur’s tenure as Chief Minister. But first Neil had phoned in to ask about Andrew Lewis!

Recorded 22nd of September 2011


voiceforchildren said...


It is great to see you back Blogging again because your Blog is an essential archive for all those with an interest in Jersey political affairs and the Child Abuse cover up in particular.

I'm not sure when this recording was originally aired but I'm guessing some time in 2011? Your readers might be interested to learn that the BBC never did publish the former police Chief's interim defence case mentioned in the recording. Despite publishing/broadcasting the prosecution case against him.

Of course we now know that Deputy Andrew Lewis has been labelled a liar by the independent Child Abuse Committee of Inquiry and we also know that nothing has (or will) change in Jersey since back THEN.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back again Mr.Way. There are some fantastic audios on your blog but they all have disappeared. Is there any way of getting them all back again because they form a crucial testament of those pretending to support the child care inquiry report when in truth they were part of the cover up and that includes the media. I hope they can be restored because some people need a reminder of what they did and said back in the day and what they are doing and saying now. Terry Le Main and Sean Power spring to mind.

thejerseyway said...

Thank you Voiceforchildren and Anon for the welcome, I stopped because the Care Inquiry started and there shouldn't of been a need for this type of thing anymore, because all safeguarding measures and actions should be in place now. But as we can see The Jersey Way is as Strong now as it was in 1982.

So I will be republishing, I hope all the audio as I can. I will do as I see fit but to remind people that they weren't as willing to help the fight against Child Abuse as they now seam to be, now that they have been court out.

As for Andrew Lewis, he needs to go end of and deserves all he gets.


Anonymous said...


It's fantastic that TJW is back up again although I appreciate it never left.
Having the SoJ debates and other relevant interviews available was really helpful.
A few months ago I wanted to listen back to a TJW post covering a BBC Jersey breakfast show and I found the audio had gone.
It was the episode with bloggers, Hemming was on it, Stuart, Rico, VFC and others.
It was hosted by Matthew Price. I think Jon Gripton spoke too, defending why the BBC hadn't aired the pro-Power case post his (illegal suspension). That particular show was on a Friday and it made a welcome change to the monotony of BBC Jersey reporting ILM and the Establishment in a Soviet state TV style. If you can re-coup the missing audio, that would be great.
When I noticed yours had gone, I did a search on BBC for Jersey CSA related material and found much of the older stuff has vanished from their website. Likewise, ChannelTV, all of that has gone too. I had saved many Jersey Child Abuse links on a timeline. I was heartbroken to come back to it and find much of the linked content had disappeared too.
It would be great if some one or some people with good IT skills and a committed interest in the Jersey abuses were to create a permanent media record, for the record. I am happy to bring my collation of links forward to TJW if there is interest. Thank you.

thejerseyway said...

Hi Anon,

Thank you for your support, I was hoping this wouldn't be needed anymore. But it is and I New if something like this happened, I would rejuvenate it all. And because or Deputy Lewis and the AG showing us that the JerseyWay was as Strong as ever, well I can just remind people of some of the things that was said running up to the start of the inquiry.

As for the Audio recordings, I don't know what's happened there, they were on a free site, but as far as I knew at the time it would be up out there for life. I'm not saying The States got it down put you neve know!

Anyway the recording your looking for I'm sure I seen it and said that's a good one and so it could be a good one to put up next. I'm not going to put them back on as they were, because as it is gives us the right time line as things happened.

So will put up old recordings as new blogpost's.

Any links would be great and I have to relearn how to do hyperlinks! And all that stuff.

I can't send loads of time on it as lm busy with life as well but will do my best to get as much up onto YouTube and in good time.

Hope you enjoy


Anonymous said...

Thanks TJW.
The first thing to get up is probably today's denial interview with Walker.
OMG I wont get started on it as I could be here all night.
starts at 2h:33m.

I will dig out my links on the timeline I refer too.
Please bear with me, it might not be for a few days. I'm flat out for a bit.
Welcome back and I'm sorry you're back if you get my drift. :-)
Well, actually, I'm not surprised. TJW will never go until Jersey metamorphoses.

Anonymous said...


Just stopping by to say thanks for bringing your truly great blog back to life.

A very valuable resource. I truly appreciate it and the effort you put in.

Thank you