Saturday, 15 July 2017

Senator Sir Philip Bailhache BBC Interview.

The Independent Jersey Care Inquiry Said About Senator Bailhache - 

"A Grave political Error" to his speech in 2008 on Liberation Day.

But Senator Bailhache Says in the Interview: 

"The Inquiry got it wrong"

Even though he says he agrees with the Report, he disapproves with most of it. So in my way of thinking, I will take it that he Doesn't approve of the Report, which means he's going against the Chief Minister and his Council? Doesn't It?

Also the Inquiry Said that, they couldn't except that a Politician and a Lawyer of his experience, could of made the mistake that Senator Bailhache is calling it. 

He meant what he said that day and he has no feelings for anyone but he's self. 

If as he says it was all but the media at the time, he should of made it clearer.

Anyway you can make your own mind up on it.  

Here is the Interview.


voiceforchildren said...


The question has to be asked of Chief Minister Ian Gorst how long is he willing to allow Senator Bailhache to undermine his authority and that of the COI?

Isn’t it interesting that the Senator agrees with everything pro Bailhache in the COI report and disagrees with everything anti Bailhache? He wants it both ways. He did everything he could to derail this COI before (and during) it got started. Now it has concluded he is carrying on that mantra. Why does he protest so much????????????

Anonymous said...

How can Bailhache say the IJCI was a good thing to shed light on dark areas etc. when he did his best to stop the inquiry in the first place.
I hope he retires by the next election and his brother goes too.
The Bailhache era must go if the Jersey Way has any chance of being tackled.