Friday, 19 November 2010

Interview's about Stuarts unjust Imprisonment.

First we had Emma Martins our Data Protection Officer.

Second interview was with Mr J Hemming MP.

Third interview was with Paul Rolly a BBC political correspondent.

Forth Interview is with the Man himself Ex Senator Stuart Syvret, after his release.

You do get the feeling that the BBC Interviewer’s have so much contempt for Stuart & his fight for justice it makes you wonder if the radio station is owned by the States of Jersey, Not the public of Jersey.
Radio Jersey will do anything to discredit the likes of Stuart & anyone that does not toe the Government Line. No wonder the station is losing out to Radio 103fm & may it continue because in the end the BBC will have to have a really good look at the way it is run.
First thing to do is get rid of Hamish on the phone in, its more like a Listen to me show then a program for the people of this Island to say what they want. Within reason. Go do some of those really important Wine programs for the 60,000 winos over hear. Or go & talk to Dr Gellar she like wine.
Well I'm not even going to start to say anything about the JEP.

I would just like to say at the start of all this I was not in any doubt that Stuart was going to be on a very long & hard road & it sure has been for him. But in his time some 20 years in the States of Jersey he has been right so many times about what is going on behind the scene's over here, I would say he has got them bang to rights on this one as well. I would be surprised if there was one person that has lived on this rock of over thirty years & never had the thought "that was wrong how did that happen" & " something is corrupt about that".

You have to keep it up now & go all the way to the European Court of Human Rights.
I heard that you were very good in Court, so good that you made him look like the Carpenter. The day that they let you stand up in court & show them that you are not going to lie down & die was the start of the end. For them.

By the way how is it that one Judge didn't give you Bail, but the one in the Royal court does!

Good Luck Stuart.


GeeGee said...

Thank you very much TJW, and I agree with every single word of your post.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

The local expert on prison for contempt is probably Maurice Kirk and it is worth looking at his KirkFlyingVet web site for details.
Currently he awaits 6 months jail at Cardiff - if the authorities manage to find him - but its not a career for the weak-willed.

Personal relationships, health and wealth will always be destroyed so if you want to give support to a cause or the individuals involved -do it now. Don't delay!

Anonymous said...

thank you for all your hard work in
making all these broadcasts available,it is much appreciated

voiceforchildren said...


There is little doubt, in my mind, that BBC Jersey with its reporting (and not) of this whole affair has been nothing short of disgraceful and you/we have every reason to be skeptical of them.

However I'm not sure I share your views with this latest reporting. We should be thankful that they are even reporting on it and I can't say it has been that bad (for Jersey standards).

Let's hope the new editor at BBC Jersey is going to make some big (much needed) changes at that place and start restoring some trust in the BBC.

Meanwhile the quest for justice continues

voiceforchildren said...


It's very telling how Chris Stone is trying to personalise this. Johm Hemming MP goes to great pains explaining that Stuart is trying to bring attention to the cover-ups and corruption over here. Yet all Chris Stone seems to be trying to get across is, do you think Stuart is trying to bring attention to "himself" and trying to make John Hemming look bad for giving Stuart a place to stay when he was forced into exile.

Very amateur, very childish, very desperate, and very telling Chris. All in my opinion of course.

You should be aware that in comparison with our politicians John Hemming is a heavy-weight who has been interviewed by real "journalists". You were exposed Chris!

thejerseyway said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the interviews,much appreciated.Yes they are reporting and at least better than nothing.One wonders if they would have a difference of opinion if not working for the BBC.I will exclude Hamish here as he is so self opinionated and if you have a good story to tell,his will be better or funnier.He also cuts people off abruptly if he does'nt agree with them/play's jingles every 5 min to pan out the programme and loses callers by pressing the wrong buttons.Time to call it a day Hamish?Everything Stuart has been saying over the years is proving to be true,the latest being the recent Court Case and Lundy being named as worse than the abusers on trial.Stuart would have been given Bail anywhere else but I think that B.Shaw wanted to teach him a lesson even knowing that he would be bailed next day.Camelia.