Thursday, 11 November 2010

Who is the Real Chief Minister.

VFC. I had to find The audio & I have. Better late then never.

Well Who is the real Chief Minister! Has to be Bill Ogley he's un touch able.
This is the audio of Deputy T. Pitman's question to our Chief Minister in the States sitting on the 19/01/10.

Very interesting indeed. It's good to go over these questions, because you do forget what was said & the Chief Minister forget's what he has said!


voiceforchildren said...


Thanks for publishing this. It just makes TLS sound like how he looks on the article published on VFC.

Anonymous said...

TLS Why on earth would a Chief executive consider to call Graham Power into a meeting to discuss the impact into which the Minister for healths criticism of SS staff was having on staff moral?

In no way by any means surely not a police matter.

Why are you protecting A Chief executive by ignoring this matter. It would seem that what the Chief executive was dealing in was underhand, and I would say illegal activities Mr. Power should have no reason to be involved in political discussion re Health & Social Security.

Please look at this from they eyes of the public this is wrong on so many levels which was not dealty with then or now.