Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Speech By Deputy P Le Claire.

It took some time but Credit to the Deputy for standing up & saying what he heard in the corridor's of power. But is there more !

I think we havn't heard the last of this saga.


Zoompad said...

What a brave man. Yes he is, because you can clearly he4ar how scared he is. For someone to speak out even though they are terrified is brave and may God bless him for it. Thank you so much for posting this. xx

Ian Evans said...

Too little, too late from Le Claire.

He is now worried about his job and his family's security, and rightly so. He kept his mouth shut and put himself first, before the good of the community he was elected to serve. when he had the chance, he bottled it fearing for himself and his own personal losses before that of his constituents.

He was then exposed by VFC for what he is, this put matters into real prospective for him, and now, he suddenly turns good guy as the bloggers and a handful of politicians start getting a following!!!

VERY SAD INDEED, and who will fall for it come the elections?

Anonymous said...

Now now we all know we are going to get a no vote on this being investigated.

Put it to bed and move on to the serious business Jerseys reputation hahhahah

Poor fools cant even see what they are doing.

Zoompad said...

Well, I suppose, but I can understand why men and women in his position are so frightened, and with good reason, as I am sure he is aware, and it isn't just the trade blackballings he mentioned, even worse things have been done to those who rocked the boat, look how Stuart has been treated, and people have been threatened to be slashed and murdered. And at least he's come forward now. I know its jarring when we have all been battling away to be heard for so long, but I feel like rejoicing in the good things that are happening, for the tide is turning for sure. I do think we must be ready to forgive the shortcomings of people who stayed silent out of fear, forgiveness is a blessed thing, and I don't say that lightly. I think all of us want the bastards who destroyed the lives of so many children to be punished, and I am sure this man wants that as well. Please forgive him his shortcomings, none of us are perfect, you know.

Anonymous said...

Paul Le Claire shocked the last of his supporters in a close vote by allowing WEB and its boss Steven Izatt to Morph into the Jersey Development Co. Same highly paid staff, but instead of just the waterfront fiasco, they are now in charge of developing all public land, all public buildings as what is basically an arms length quango. Well done Paul you tosser.

Expect to hear commercial sensitive and therefore secret a lot more in the future.


Jill Gracia said...

Ian - give a little credit where a little credit is due. It was clearly a big step for Deputy Le Claire to speak out, even though we have not heard it all yet.

Maybe having found his conscience he will find it in himself to be braver and stronger, and also realise that this is what we are looking for in our politicians.

thejerseyway said...

Just like to say thanks for the comments, but for the ones that are threatening me or just think its ok to use swear words to express there feelings of me, you are not wellcome on this site. If you do not agree with what I'm doing just do not come on my Blog.

There has been some very good come back to what I have been doing, all over the world people have been coming on to here to listen to the audio because they are not able to here it where they are.

So I am not going to be put off by you or your type.

Anonymous said...

I saw P Le C coming out of the Mac shop "IQ" on Saturday with a new purchase, with his young son. I'm not surprised he's careful not to jeopardise his loved ones. The intimidation is part of the Jersey Way alright!

Ian Evans said...

What I said, needed to be said Jill.

However, if he is prepared to carry on now, in the same spirit, myself and many others will support him.

He is the one who needs to prove his long term worth, let us hope he does!

Anonymous said...

So surely now we need a new inquiry, a public one, when will it start!!

In the words of the highly respected Brian Napier QC:-

'I have seen no evidence to support the claims (which, if substantiated, would certainly point to a need for further investigation) that these were part of some plot or conspiracy within the public service to frustrate police investigation in

Anonymous said...

Watching this one with a great deal of interest.

Thank you TheJerseyWay.
Favourited and forward to email contacts.

Anonymous said...

"thejerseyway said...

Just like to say thanks for the comments, but for the ones that are threatening me or just think its ok to use swear words to express there feelings of me, you are not wellcome on this site. If you do not agree with what I'm doing just do not come on my Blog."

When you start getting the threats you know you're worrying the right people.

Take it as a badge of honour.

Anonymous said...

Look what happened to Frank Amy constable grouville & Les Norman when they crossed swords with FW in the past,still would be nice to know that all that might come to light one of these days as so many seem to know the "truth"

voiceforchildren said...


Deputy Paul Le Claire has given Citizens Media, a full and frank interview on Culture of Fear

Debbie said...

Thank you TJW for posting this and thank you Deputy Paul Le Claire for being so brave as to speak out in this way.